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Taito Legends

aka: Taito Memories Vol. 1
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Old School and More!!

The Good
What a hoot! I felt like putting on my bell bottoms, platform shoes while I played this! If you are (sadly) as old as me you'll get a real kick out of this compilation from the geniuses at Taito!

Most of these games come from the early to mid 80s and obviously you can't compare them to today's powerhouses for video quality. BUT you can play for the difficulty as some of these titles, while looking very innocent and childlike, pack quite a challenge that holds up to today’s standards and then some! Try and get all the way to the 99th level of Bubble Bobble! It’s hard to make it all the way to the 20th alone!

While some of the titles are very old and simple, the ones that are simple do hold a unique place in the hearts of older gamers and harken back to days of our youth, going to the pool hall, buying a pizza slice or two and spending the afternoon with pals trying to get our initials on the board for high scores! That is one of the good things about this package of games. It's not just about the game play, because these games are all 20+ years old, but it's part of the fantastic history, advances and fun of video games over the years.

I could write a sterile game report about all 29 games, but that would be bland. The real beauty of this game, the way it brings back all of the other fond memories of when you played this game for 25 cents a shot, is the best thing about it! It brings back the smell of greasy pizza, the crappy but fun midi music and effects and the memories of old friends from school! It is a celebration of not only games but the gamers themselves!

You’ll find yourself laughing out loud at games you've forgotten about, about games that pissed you off because you just couldn't beat the damned thing! Arrrgh!!! You’ll surprise yourself remembering moves you perfected while dumping a ton of quarters into the greedy slot! The thrill of finally getting your 3 little initials on the high score list, (and maybe spelling out a naughty word or two if possible!)

Those with kids (not teens, as they wouldn't be caught playing these with mom and dad! Gross!), will love showing them the games we used to play. For the real young crowd these games will keep them very amused, because they are very colourful and cartoonish due to limitations at the time!

The stories, ideas and characters are very imaginative and unique! There are some bonus features like original packaging pictures, and some rare interviews with the programmers that made the games, telling the story as to their inspiration for the games they made.

The Bad
They didn't include some of my all time favorites (they are in Legends 2).

Some of them are surprisingly hard especially in the first few levels! Of course these games come from the original coin-operated games and the object was to make us pump quarter after quarter into the greedy things!

Still, I've played easier games made in 2006! Some of these titles are unforgiving!

The should have included more interesting background. More interviews and perhaps commercial spots etc.

The Bottom Line
It is a nod back to the old days of coin-op games from arcades and pool halls. They are from simpler days and reflect that time.
While not really geared to the younger crowd, this compilation game is definitely for the older gamers, say 30 to 50 years old.

It's a good game to pull out at a party and reminisce about the “good ol’ days”! Put on some Led Zeppelin, perhaps some Bachman Turner Overdrive and slide this into the PS2 and have fun!

A definite game to have in a collection!

PlayStation 2 · by Oblio (97) · 2006

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