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A nuclear war has turned the world into a wasteland. The pure-blooded humans have retreated in large cities while mutants live in small villages on the plains where they make a living by hunting the many monsters. Now one of the human leaders, Lord Dominix, wants to start a war to wipe out all the "bad-blooded" mutants. Your village chief has assigned you with the task of preventing this war.

Bad Blood is a top-down action game with light role-playing elements. You can not create your own character but have to pick one of the three predefined ones: Varrigg (a strong green mutant who fights with his bare hands), Dekker (a human male armed with a knife) or Jakka (she looks human but can shoot laser beams from her eyes like Cyclops of X-Men fame). The choice you make has only a limited impact on gameplay and storyline.

Gameplay consists of exploring the world map, visiting several cities and villages, talking with NPCs, picking up items and new weapons (like shotguns, grenades, Uzis etc.) and lots of real-time combat. Bad Blood lacks character stats and character development. The game has a day-night cycle which influences the amount of monsters on the plains and whether or not you can talk with some NPCs.

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Average score: 77% (based on 6 ratings)


Average score: 3.1 out of 5 (based on 8 ratings with 2 reviews)

An old-school post-apocalyptic adventure

The Good
The game's interface is very simple, making the learning curve fairly low. Thus, it does not take very long to get into the game and play it. Furthermore, the setting is very nice, and the plot is pretty good. The endgame, I thought, was one of the best ones I've seen, as it is pretty complete.

The Bad
You only get to choose from 3 characters, and there's really no character skills. By default, Jakka would be the best character, as she has a mutant eyebeam, as compared to a dagger or just plain fists. The monsters can be pretty tough, and combat usually involves running from creatures, turning around, attacking, and then running. Also, only 3 saved games were allotted at a time, making it kind of disappointing. It's also very easy to kill someone that you will need, making the game even more difficult to beat.

The Bottom Line
The game's setting is a most interesting one. It is set sometime after a nuclear holocaust has cleansed the land, leaving scattered villages of humans and mutants. You have been chosen by the village elder to investigate rumors of a war to wipe out mutants that the humans are planning. You choose from 3 characters: a mutant, a half-mutant, and a normal human being. The game's graphics are dated, but were very good for its time. Furthermore, the story is very well written, and there are numerous things that make the game more enjoyable. For instance, the best way to heal to is eat either a dried heart or a fresh heart. Various items are purposely misspelled, to give the impression that technology is not lost, but nearly forgotten. UZI's are spelled oozee, and CD's are ceedee's. There's also a city where some weird cult members are worshipping an Apple computer.

DOS · by willyum (1020) · 2001


The Good
Can't think of one single thing I liked about it.

The Bad
One of the most pointless games. You walk around a fairly large map using one single weapon and talking to different town folk. Enemies consist of stingrays, buffalo and other assortment of animals. It reminds me of Chip's Challenge, only with horrible graphics and a free roaming map. The whole game is played inside a TV looking set. No full screen or anything. You also have to pick up food and eat it along the way.

The Bottom Line
Pretty boring adventure/action game.

DOS · by Duane Woody (2) · 2008



About the game items: The apple is an apple computer you can find in the city. The Oracle is not to be found until you find the apple, and then, after you find the apple most of your village irregulars will claim that this apple is not edible.


Although mention was made of a 1994 re-release that adds 256-color VGA graphics, this was already supported by the original version. Probably the confusion arose because some boxes have a sticker "RADIOACTIVE / VGA GRAPHICS with SOUND BOARD Support" on them and some boxes don't. Both boxes contain the exact same version of the game however.

Information also contributed by Henry Aloni.

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