🐳 How many games has Beethoven been credited on? (answer)

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


**This game follows the non-stop action of the movie and is a direct conversion of the famous coin-op.

All games players and STAR WARS fans alike will enjoy this version of the world's best know space-age epic.

Brought to you by the team who produced the top-selling STAR WARS game, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACKTM is the next stage of the unfolding drama.

The player takes the role of Luke Skywalker, piloting a snow-speeder against the huge Imperial Walkers. Darth Vader controls his forces with deadly cunning, using his Probots to search and attack the Rebel Base.

The action continues as the player becomes Hans Solo in the Millennium Falcon, looking for safety in the galaxy whilst being attacked by Tie-Fighters and dodging asteroid storms.**


Back of Case - ZX Spectrum (Fr, Germ, Sp, UK)

QUALITY GRAPHICS! *"Superb . . . an amazing achievement." Sinclair User

"A brilliant arcade conversion packed with furious blasting action." The Games Machine BRILLIANT ACTION HIT!*


Back of Cassette Case (The HIT Squad) - Spectrum (UK)

Contributed by Jeanne, jean-louis.

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