Hero of the Golden Talisman

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The town of the game's hero is under a curse from an evil wizard. He has stolen the Golden Talisman that had protected the city in the past. Broken into five pieces, the Talisman is hidden in a labyrinth filled with monsters. Now the hero has to find all five pieces of the Talisman and destroy the evil wizard in order to restore peace to the city.

The labyrinth is explored from a side scrolling perspective. It is composed of 64 rooms spread over five levels. Each room is 8 screens large, providing a total of 512 screens to explore. The goal of each level is to find a piece of the Talisman while fighting off lots of different monsters ranging from birds to jumping eyeballs to fire-breathing dragons.

The hero can jump, climb ropes, swim and shoot as well as pick up different power-ups and objects. He can carry five objects, but only hold/use one at a time. Pressing the space bar changes the object in use. Usable objects include keys, ropes, lamps to light dark rooms, flags that improve the hero's firepower and others.

Power-ups can be collected to replenish health or air. If the hero runs out of air, being underwater will slowly decrease his health. To help the hero find his way through the labyrinth, a map is shown at the lower left side of the screen. It marks all visited rooms, shows his current position and indicates whether there are any items in a room.



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