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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


In this game, you are Leatherface. Some tourists have trespassed onto your land. They have been mostly eliminated but a few remain.

The object is to chase down the remaining tourists and kill them. You chase the tourists with your chainsaw. When you get next to them, you press the fire button to rev up your saw and make cold-cuts out of them.

Try to avoid obstacles like hedges, fences, cow skulls and wheelchairs. Try not to rev the chainsaw unnecessarily as you only have 3 tanks of fuel and when you're out of fuel, the game is over.

If you run into fences, cow skulls or wheelchairs, you will be delayed a moment. If you run into hedge, you will need to use the chainsaw to remove them. The chainsaw idles all the time so you don't want to be delayed.

You get 1000 points for each tourist killed. You get a new fuel tank every 5000 points. When you run out of fuel, a tourists comes up behind you and kicks you in the pants.

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Development history

According to programmer Ed Salvo, this game was developed in under six weeks.

Prototype version

A prototype version of this game exists that is completely different from the version that ended up being released. This alternate version was not programmed by Ed Salvo/VSS. The only known prototype resides in a private collection and the ROM has been released by the website Atarimania.com.

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