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Gyakuten Saiban

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Gyakuten Saiban is an adventure game where the player takes on the role of Ryuuichi Naruhodou, a rookie lawyer fresh out of law school. The game features five cases where the player must help Ryuuichi, as the defense attorney, clear the name of falsely accused defendants and prove the guilt of the real culprit. During the trials, the player must carefully listen to the witnesses' testimonies. He can then analyze the testimony, sentence by sentence, and "press" the witness for more information, or present to the court a piece of evidence that proves the witness's claim to be false. As lies and inaccuracies are exposed, the witness typically keeps changing their testimony until finally the truth comes to light. However, presenting wrong evidence or otherwise making errors will cause the judge to penalize you, and if you've accumulated too many penalties, he will lose his patience and declare a guilty verdict immediately.

Before and in between the trials, the player usually needs to take part in an adventure game-styled section where they conduct an investigation, travelling between various locations, interrogating people and searching rooms in hopes of finding evidence or learning some clues for the upcoming court session. There are four cases in total.


  • 逆転裁判 - Japanese spelling

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Credits (Game Boy Advance version)

13 People

Planning (企画)
Scenario (脚本)
Direction (監督)
Graphics (グラフィック)
Main Program (メインプログラム)
Program (プログラム)
Music (音楽)
Sound Effects (効果音)
Publicity (宣伝)
Manual Design (取扱説明書)
Producer (プロデュース)
Executive Producer (製作総指揮)
© 2001
  • Capcom Co. Ltd.



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Gyakuten Saiban spawned the same-named movie in 2012. starring Hiroki Narimiya as Ryuuichi Naruhodou (in the localized English version known as Phoenix Wright).

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