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SEGA CD version

An above-average Mega CD game

The Good
The game came out in late 1995, with the Saturn being the new Sega console, and the controls are straight forward, the D-pad being the direction, and the A and B buttons to punch or kick. The plotline is told by a opening cinematic, where it is explained by the doctor who gave you the implant device, that the FBI is after you. There are multiple paths, sometimes you need to go 'trial and error' each time to remember which way to go. If it is a wrong path, you lose a life. When all of your lives are out, the game is over and you have to start from the first area. The indicator is handy so if it is off, you are completely screwed. The film's acting is quite good, so you need to hear it loud and clear. The musical score which is composed nicely sounds well, but the sound effects all sound pretty stock, even for a late 1995 game. There are three car chases, a scene where you eject from the plane via raft, escaping with three vehicles (wagon, motorcycle and a jeep) to get to the doctor's flat, using the zodiac to get to the shore and two driving (buggy and fish truck) sections to get to the Times newspaper company buliding.

The Bad
The film quality which looks grainy, even for a Mega CD game, the game gets short, so you have to beat it for 30 or so minutes if you are well to memorize the paths, or an hour if you are terrible at it.

The Bottom Line
A quite average game with lots of quick time events which occur, and it is one of the last Mega CD games, until it was discontinued and taken over with the 32-bit Saturn.

by BlaringCoder (169) on November 27th, 2015

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