Metal Gear Solid

aka: MGS, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel

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Nintendojo (10 out of 10)

If you don’t think this game is a must-get by now, you’re crazy. I have a few words to wrap this all up: BUY THIS GAME!

2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

Gaming Target (10 out of 10)

Metal Gear Solid proves to be one of the best Game Boy Color titles and console recreations to to date, making it a gamer's duty to go out and purchase this as part of their collection.

Aug 3rd, 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) ( )

Gamers who played the 32-bit marvel will feel right at home with the Game Boy version. From the pre-title screen action and the VR training, to Mei Ling and her proverbs on the Codec - it's all here. Newcomers will be blown away by the involving action. MGS is an awesome experience and an astonishing achievement on Game boy. Get it now.

May 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

IGN (10 out of 10)

This, folks, is a Game Boy Color game done right. It's clear that the right team was put to the task of bringing the classic Metal Gear to the Nintendo handheld. I want every official Game Boy Color publisher and developer to look at what Konami has done on the system – and then look at the sales figures. I guarantee you this will be one of the top selling games for the Game Boy Color – and this will prove once and for all that, yes, you can spend quality time and resources on a Game Boy Color title and still make it pay off in the end. Absolutely brilliant.

May 5th, 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

64 Power / big.N / N Games ( )

Doch es befindet sich nicht nur eine Riesenmenge Gameplay auf dem Modul, auch was Grafik, Sound und Steuerung betrifft, gehört Metal Gear Solid zum Feinsten, was wir bislang auf Nintendos Handheld zocken durften. Ein klarer Kauf!

Apr 2000 · Game Boy Color

Video Games ( )

Nett gemeint, aber unterwegs doch ein wenig nervig, ist der eingedeutschte Text-Schwall, mit dem euch das Pocket-MGS überfällt. Allein das Intro dauert ca. eine Viertelstunde. Ansonsten steckt fast alles drin, was man sich wünschen kann: Haufenweise Waffen, freakige Agenten-Gimmicks, 180 VR-Trainings-Missionen mit High-Score-Liste, ein interessanter Link-Modus und natürlich die spannende Haupt-Geschichte. Kaufen!

May 2000 · Game Boy Color

Game Vortex (100 out of 100)

You can only do so much with the two main buttons of the GBC, and Konami's done the best they can. You select items by pressing, well, Select, and then scrolling through the choices, where you generally automatically use what you stop on. The controls themselves, however, are easy and comfortable, and once you get used to the control scheme, it all becomes second nature. The changing of cigarettes to foggers is somewhat trite, but doesn't mar an otherwise wonderful game. This is a game to buy the GBC for. If you at all enjoyed the PlayStation version, or any of the previous ones, or, hell, games in general, you should pick this title up. It's a winner.

2000 · Game Boy Color · read review (10 out of 10)

There really is no better reason to own a GBC. The gaming experience contained in this little cart is nothing short of spectacular. The main quest, the tons and tons of replay, the highly detailed and vivid graphics, the high end sound quality, and the 2-player Vs mode completes the package as a killer app. Do not mock this game because it is on the GBC. Other developers should solely look at this game and realize that high production value are possible on handheld games. If you are still playing Pokemon, stop it right now. Go to your local used game store and buy this game no matter what the price is. Then go home and pop it in your GBA SP or Gameboy Player. I guarantee you will not find a better game for the GBC.

Jun 10th, 2006 · Game Boy Color · read review

Game Critics (10 out of 10)

In closing my review, I'll put it simply—MGS for the Game Boy Color is a masterpiece. It is a remarkable achievement in sprite-based graphics and it is an unprecedented achievement in portable gaming. Industry buzz words like "must-haves" are flaunted around too loosely, but on rare occasion, titles like The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Final Fantasy VIII and Soul Calibur, actually deserve the distinction. MGS for the Game Boy Color is another one of those rare occasions and if you take my word for it, it should be added to your list of "must haves."

Aug 20th, 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

Power Unlimited (9.8 out of 10)

Metal Gear Solid is natuurlijk een stuk kleiner op de Game Boy Color maar het plezier is nét zo groot. Wat mij betreft de beste game tot nu toe op de GBC!

Sep 2000 · Game Boy Color

Consoles News (97 out of 100)

Cette conversion d'un des tout meilleurs jeux 32-bits sur Gameboy est vraiment une merveille avec tous ses dialogues en français ! Attention tout de même car la difficulté assez élevée peut rebuter les débutants. Beau, long et terriblement prenant, ce jeu est indispensable.

Jul 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

GamingEvolution (9.7 out of 10)

Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel is basically just a portable version of the original Metal Gear Solid, in terms of presentation, gameplay, and in some cases even storyline. However, through a lot of intense care and attention to detail in with both the game's presentation and in it's design, Konami has been able to take the stealth gameplay as well as the feel of the game they had on the Playstation and transfer it to the handheld almost perfectly, giving this game both the sophistication depth that is often associated with Metal Gear (yet it still has an E rating!) and the same engaging and tense stealth gameplay. Not only is Ghost Babel an astounding example of how much you can pull off with a control pad and two buttons, but also quite simply a shining example of how a portable game should be made.

2004 · Game Boy Color · read review

GameSpot (9.4 out of 10)

Despite minor gripes, Metal Gear Solid is, without equal, the best tactical-espionage title on the Game Boy Color. The gameplay is engaging, the visuals enjoyable, and the soundtrack phenomenal. MGS pulls you into a handheld gaming thrill ride you won't forget.

May 30th, 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

Consoles Plus (92 out of 100)

Ne chipotons pas trop quand même, ce jeu est vraiment très réussi, et c'est sûrement l'un des meilleurs titres du genre sur la Gameboy. Personnellement, je le trouve un peu trop répétitif, et un peu plus de précision dans les déplacements du héros aurait été très agréable...

Aug 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review (18 out of 20)

Metal Gear Solid est encore et toujours un grand jeu, la Game Boy Color ne fait pas exception pour le coup : gameplay impeccable, avec de nombreux obstacles différents, une durée de vie excellente grâce à des missions d’entraînement particulièrement intéressantes et un mode deux joueurs innovant. Qui plus est, avec sa technique remarquable, ce Metal Gear Solid est l’un des tous meilleurs titres pour la petite Nintendo.

May 23rd, 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

Nintendo Life ( )

The perspective may have shifted back to its 1987 roots but Metal Gear Solid on Game Boy Color is very much a game of the new millennium. It's quite incredible just how faithful this portable title is to both the 2D games of the MSX/NES and the later polygonal PlayStation entries in terms of gameplay, tone and aesthetic. Lengthy, challenging and rewarding, Metal Gear Solid is far and away one of the best carts you can buy for your Game Boy Color, and a title we can only hope hits the 3DS Virtual Console sooner rather than later.

Feb 20th, 2012 · Game Boy Color · read review

HonestGamers (Staff reviews only) (9 out of 10)

I'd probably say this is the best game I've ever played for Game Boy, other than maybe a few classics, like Tetris and Mario. It's got it all: story, graphics, replay value, gameplay and frankly, I don't see why anyone would not enjoy this game. It's a very immersive experience, and just because it's on Game Boy doesn't make it any less of a game. For the non-believers out there, just pick this game up for $25, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Absolutely brilliant.

2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

Super Play (Sweden) (9 out of 10)

Resultatet blir ett spännande äventyr som skiljer sig från de flesta andra i genren. Att det dessutom går att ta med sig överallt gör det extra svårt att slita sig från. Och det är väl just en sådan effekt som alla speltillverkare försöker framkalla hos spelaren. Skillnaden mellan Hideo Kojima och de flesta andra är att han vet hur det ska gå till.

May 2000 · Game Boy Color

Mega Fun (90 out of 100)

Somit gehört auch die Gameboy-Version des Solid-Snake-Adventures in die Sammlung eines jeden Besitzers des kleinen Nintendo-Handhelds.

May 2000 · Game Boy Color

Gamekult (9 out of 10)

Metal Gear Solid est avec The Legend Of Zelda : Link's Awakening DX l'un des rares jeux sur Game Boy Color à justifier à lui seul l'achat de la console. Un titre passionnant, aux dialogues plutôt adultes, doté d'un scénario très prenant, qui dispose de surcroît d'une durée de vie exceptionnelle. Seul reproche à lui formuler : ses décors et ses situations s'avèrent un peu répétitifs à la longue.

Oct 19th, 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

Game Informer Magazine (9 out of 10)

Though it does fall prey to some extended bouts of aimless wandering, Metal Gear Solid is definitely the Game Boy Color game you never knew you needed to play.

May 2005 · Game Boy Color

Total! (Germany) (1.75 out of 6)

Metal Gear Solid-Veteranen werden die Möglichkeit vermissen, Gegner festhalten und werfen zu können, und allen anderen werden höchstwahrscheinlich die ellenlangen Gespräche, die immer wieder die Action unterbrechen, auf den Geist gehen. Ansonsten ist Metal Gear Solid ein rundum gelungenes Spiel, das ihr eurem Game Boy Color nicht vorenthalten solltet!

Apr 2000 · Game Boy Color

Jeux Vidéo Magazine (17 out of 20)

Un jeu stupéfiant : la réalisation (d'un niveau inégalé sur portable) et l'histoire captivante en font un incontournable.

Jul 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

All Game Guide ( )

Metal Gear Solid runs circles around most Game Boy Color games in terms of depth and gameplay. Whether you're a fan of the PlayStation version or in search of a good adventure game, you owe it to yourself to obtain a copy of this game. Kudos to Konami for an excellent port!

2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

Game Critics (7.5 out of 10)

Even though I had a difficult time playing through the game, it's hard to dislike Metal Gear Solid. Konami put a lot of effort and time in bringing the game to a handheld system, and threw in plenty of options to try to keep us from being bored. To be fair, while this game falls far below the heights that its predecessor achieved, it stands among the greatest games for the Game Boy.

Aug 20th, 2000 · Game Boy Color · read review

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