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Duke it out in D.C.

aka: Duke à Washington
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This is an add-on episode for Duke Nukem 3D.

Aliens have captured the President! Duke gets word that alien scum have landed in Washington D.C., laid it to waste, and imprisoned the leader of the free world. Always up for a heroic deed, Duke heads to D.C. to rid the city of enemy dirtbags and return the president to power!

Includes 9 new levels plus one secret level. Works with Duke 3D v1.3d or newer, and Duke Atomic.

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Average score: 79% (based on 5 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings with 4 reviews)

For Duke cultists only

The Good
Trying to cash-in on the fps megahit that was Duke Nukem 3D WizardWorks released a series of licensed add-on packs to try and squeeze the last bucks out of the series fans. What sets this particular disc (and the other ones produced like Duke Caribbean) apart from the usual WizardWorks "122312444 master levels for XXX game" discs is the fact that the levels included come tied up in an original campaign of sorts that ties the levels together and gives the whole thing a meaning of sorts.

In this particular case the clincher is that US president Clinton has been abducted by the classic Duke 3D aliens and it's up to "The Man" to get him back so he can keep testing cigars with interns on the oval office. Thus you embark on an fps journey through recognizable Washington landmarks infested with plenty of aliens for you to shoot at.

Essentially that's it, as I mentioned earlier the game does tie the levels and makes the whole campaign feel like an unified whole, with huge levels presenting new challenges to Duke vets and newbies alike, and all without things falling apart as a loose collection of Washington-themed levels with new textures.

The Bad
Nothing new really. Just new levels and new textures, no new enemies, weapons or anything that comes close, not even new cutscenes that explain the new mission...

Aside from that there's the fact that the game is just more of Duke 3D, so if you didn't like it or are just fed up with it, Duke D.C. will just annoy you.

The Bottom Line
As far as licensed expansions go, Duke D.C. doesn't make the mistake of just being a collection of loose missions burned to a cd, and provides plenty of amusement by essentially delivering more Duke.... Problem is there's zero additions and innovations in it, and unless you need a serious fix of Duke3D action I would suggest merely ignoring it and re-installing the original. A bunch of (rather good) new levels with some white house textures just ain't worth it.

DOS · by Zovni (10504) · 2003

'Guns don't kill aliens, i kill aliens' - Duke Nukem

The Good
As a Duke Nukem fan i enjoyed a lot that add-on, it's among my favourites, nice levels with some exception and new textures and sprites greatly integrated into the overall, all this makes Duke it out in D.C. The last levels are really neat, especially Capitol Punishment. Also the ending with Bill Clinton was funny.

The Bad
Well, i find the Smithsonian and FBI levels kind of cheap, they look like a lot to thousands of mundane amateur levels hanging around the internet. The other bad things are: No new music, no new monsters and no new weapons. If Sunstorm had taken a bit more of time on this, 'Duke it out' could have been a perfect add-on.

The Bottom Line
I would recommend it to Duke fans only, that is, more alien-ass to kick (although there are no chicks on this add-on...)

DOS · by Depth Lord (934) · 2004

A high-quality episode that even challenges the original Duke maps.

The Good
Duke it out in D.C. was the first of three add-ons for Duke Nukem 3D, and it definitely packs a punch. DC is a ten-level episode with large, high-quality maps. You'll see historically accurate locations such as the Capitol Building, the Smithsonian, and the White House. You also see what hides outside the commonly-known areas including the DC sewer system and a secret government time machine. Levels are entertaining with excellent design and little to no mistakes. Duke it out in D.C. also includes a new ending animation that concludes your quest for the president.

The Bad
Well, Duke it out in D.C. was pretty much perfect for me. There is no new music, but the episode 3 music really fits with the levels so there's nothing wrong with that I guess. There's also a couple texture choices that weren't so smart but there's so little it doesn't matter.

The Bottom Line
Duke it out in D.C. is an amazing add-on with superb levels. With unique locations and lots of replay value Duke it out in D.C. is an excellent purchase for any fan of Duke.

DOS · by - Telee - (12) · 2007

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German index

On December 31, 1997, Duke it out in D.C. was put on the infamous German index by the BPjS. More information about this topic can be found in the game group.

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