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Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer

aka: MM8

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For over a thousand years, the races of the Ancients and the Kreegans were waging an interstellar war. Eventually, the heroes of the planet Enroth and their allies managed to stop the invading Kreegans. However, the Ancients would rather see an entire world annihilated than let it fall into the hands of their sworn enemies. A planeswalker named Escaton, serving the Ancients, arrives on the continent of Jadame and unleashes a great storm, damaging the borders to Elemental Planes. Terrifying creatures begin to invade Enroth. Unexpectedly, the fate of the world lies in the hands of a lowly caravan guard from Dagger Wound Islands.

Day of the Destroyer is the eighth installment in the Might and Magic series, and a sequel to For Blood and Honor. The game's engine is virtually unchanged from the one used in the sixth game, apart from a few minor tweaks. The biggest difference from all the previous games in the series is the player's inability to create an entire party. Instead, the player generates one character, while the others at first act as NPCs in the game world and must be recruited. The active party can hold up to five characters. Instead of the traditional classes, the differentiation of the characters is mainly manifested in their races, which include, among others, minotaurs, vampires, and dark elves. The player can also choose to ally with different factions and complete different quests for them.


  • Меч и Магия VIII: Эпоха Разрушителя - Russian spelling
  • マイトアンドマジック デイ・オブ・ザ・デストロイヤー - Japanese spelling
  • 魔法門 VIII 毀天滅地 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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German version

The German Art Edition (see cover section) is a fraud. It was the first and normal German box release, the art booklet is normal content of the US-version, and this Art Edition wasn't limited - no other first German box release exists.

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