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Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer

aka: MM8

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GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (85 out of 100)

De wereld is in gevaar! Het volk sterft! Wablieft? Ja, ja, je kunt er ook rijk van worden... Een goed verhaal, een boeiende fantasywereld en traditiegetrouw een ziljoen nevenqueesten. Ben je meteen heel wat aangename uurtjes mee zoet.

Jul 5th, 2000 · Windows · read review

Pelit (83 out of 100)

Kyynel katseli surumielisenä gorgonien ruumiita. "Noista sai niin hyvin expiä. Noh, lähdetään opettajalle, tahdon mestaritason tulitaikuudessa." V'hehmas tuijotti Kyyneltä epäuskoinen katse silmissään. "Mutta meidän lohikäärmekin on kivettynyt ja nuo muutkin ovat raatoja!" "Ei huolta," Kyynel tokaisi, "Senkun kävelet ja ne raahautuvat itsestään mukana."

Jun 2000 · Windows · read review

NUKE Computer Gaming (79 out of 100)

The Might and Magic games have consisted of nothing but medievil courier work thus far - e.g. go risk life and limb through a snake infested hole to rescue some complete stranger's hat which they stupidly lost down there somehow. Thankfully, Day of the Destroyer makes some attempt at stringing these sub-quests into the main plot so you always feel as if it's necessary and worthwhile. If you can bear the utterly dated graphics, exploring the dungeons is good fun, although the inclusion of some "jumping" bits is very annoying considering how crap the 3D engine is. The menus have been tweaked which is good, and in general there's more order and logic to how information is recorded and your progress is kept track of. Otherwise, for Might and Magic fans, this is essentially the same game you've probably played countless versions of. If Might and Magic IX does not bring us a new 3D engine and more detailed character interaction, then the series could die right here and now.

2000 · Windows

Gamer's Pulse (7.6 out of 10)

Overall, Day of the Destroyer is at times a gripping and a frustrating game to play. Gripping, because the story drives you forward, and is well written enough to keep you focussed on your goals. Frustrating, because the game is wrapped in an engine well past its prime. If you are a fan of the Might and Magic series, or of hack and slash RPGs, then you can’t go far wrong with this game. If puzzle solving and serious adventure are what you seek, or if modern graphics are a necessity to you, then your quest should take you elsewhere.

Apr 28th, 2000 · Windows · read review

RPGFan (75 out of 100)

In conclusion, I was disappointed by Day of the Destroyer. After having played through 7 and almost all of 6, Might and Magic 8 just seemed too easy and just more of the same. Though it was more stable than the other two games, it still has a few bugs to work out (do NOT store items in the chest in the Merchant Guild of Alvar!). It does have some nice extras, such as the ever popular Arcomage, but the bottom line is that this game was way too easy, way too short and very unoriginal. I just hope that when New World Computing makes the new engine for Might and Magic 9 that they remember to balance the gameplay, length, and story. And of course, bring back Corack.

Mar 20th, 2000 · Windows · read review

PC Player (Germany) (75 out of 100)

Das Spiel hat objektive Schwächen, die im Vergleich zu neueren Titeln wie Planescape: Torment oder sogar Final Fantasy 8 eine wirklich hohe Bewertung nicht mehr zulassen. Zumal der achte Teil der Saga schon hinter dem siebten zurückbleibt, den ich trotz der dort besonders mäßigen Grafik für das bislang beste Might and Magic halte. Was aber meinen persönlichen Spaßfaktor angeht, so beharke ich wiederum begeistert feindliche Oger-Horden, tüftele an den Charaktersteigerungen meiner Helden oder löse vertrackte Quests. Es gibt auch abseits der Haupthandlung so viel zu entdecken, dass mir nie langweilig wird.

Apr 2000 · Windows

GameSpy (75 out of 100)

Overall, playing MMVIII felt a bit too much like work to me. I know this style of game appeals to many, and will certainly please fans of the series. The game has so much to offer: extraordinary character development, a fine interface, loads of quests, and a plethora of items, spells, and weapons.

Apr 11th, 2000 · Windows · read review

PC Joker (72 out of 100)

Noch immer ist die hoffnungslos veraltete 3D- Grafik im Softwaremodus hübscher als unter Direct3D, das Subgame „Arcomage“ macht weiterhin mehr Spaß als das eigentliche Spiel - zumal die Story diesmal dünner denn je ist. Sicher, mannigfaltige Quests bringen nach wie vor Abwechslung ins Heldenleben. Party-, Charakter- und Magiesystem sind von bewährter Qualität, dito Akustik und Steuerung. Trotzdem: Die Reihe verdient mehr als nur noch Rollenspiele vom Fließband, eine technische Runderneuerung ist mehr als überfällig!

Jul 2000 · Windows

PC Gamer Brasil (71 out of 100)

Graficamente, as coisas não mudaram muito desde a última vez que Might and Magic esteve em perigo. O time de desenvolvimento resolveu manter as coisas muito parecidas às vistas no sétimo episódio, fazendo valer o ditado: em time que está ganhando não se mexe... As interfaces de comando e combate continuam também as mesmas. Em poucas palavras, essa fantástica série irá agradar aos gamers apreciadores da ação e aventura, presentes em um mundo cheio de mágica e de fantasias. Não fique fora desta empolgante aventura.

Nov 2000 · Windows

PC Player (Denmark) (7 out of 10)

Might & Magic-universet åbenbarer igen et omfattende og berigende spil, som kendere af serien vil elske. Nytænkning, et højere teknologisk niveau og en bedre finish ville dog have gjort underværker...

2000 · Windows

Computer Games Magazine ( )

But many of these weaknesses are a part of the game's loopy charm. While it may be overly familiar, it's also quite comfortable. You may initially wonder why you're playing, but 40 hours later you realize you had a pretty good time, in that traditional, albeit all-too-familiar, hack-and-slash role-playing kind of way. It delivers exactly what you expect from a Might and Magic - here's hoping the next edition tries for a few surprises.

Mar 15th, 2000 · Windows

Gry OnLine (7 out of 10)

Might & Magic VIII to gra dobra, ale chyba zapowiadająca upadek tej serii – przynajmniej z tym engine. Jest to po prostu poprawna kontynuacja serii, bez żadnych rewelacji. Każdy prawdziwy fan i tak ją kupi, więc moje zarzuty nic tu nie znaczą ...

Dec 21st, 2000 · Windows · read review

Gameplay (Benelux) (67 out of 100)

Enkel voor de die hard Might & Magic fans. Voor al de rest:zo ver mogelijk links laten liggen.

Apr 29th, 2000 · Windows

IGN (6.5 out of 10)

In the end, Might and Magic VIII is a classic computer RPG with a great storyline and some really nice features, but technology (or lack thereof) is just tearing it apart. It's a little bit of "guh!" mixed with a whole lotta "muh?," and it really does leave a lot to be desired. Is it worth playing? Certainly, if you've been with the series for a while and need a new Might and Magic fix. It gets the job done, but it is wearisome and disappointing in places, so don't expect a masterpiece if you decide to pick it up. However, if you're a casual RPG gamer that's looking for a new adventure to keep you busy for a while, I'd skip Might and Magic VIII altogether. It's just too frustrating and dated to keep new gamers that interested. On an up note, we can't wait to see the next installment in the Might and Magic series, which is supposed to run on LithTech technology. It's going to be a while, but I don't think I can take another Might and Magic based on an old engine.

Mar 22nd, 2000 · Windows · read review

GameSpot (6 out of 10)

When 3DO develops a game engine, it sure likes to get its money's worth. Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer is a perfect example: The hack-and-slash RPG looks and plays just like its two most recent predecessors, despite the fact that it features some fundamental design changes and gameplay enhancements. Consequently, Might and Magic VIII will only appeal to hard-core fans of the series who haven't yet grown weary of the repetitive gameplay that was introduced in Might and Magic VI and recycled in Might and Magic VII.

Mar 22nd, 2000 · Windows · read review

Power Unlimited (6 out of 10)

Het wordt hoog tijd dat de Might & Magic serie kwa gameplay en engine wordt opgefrist. Alleen spelen als je een verstokte M&M-fan bent, anders kun je je geld beter besteden aan het sfeervolle Ultima IX.

Jun 2000 · Windows

Quandary ( )

Originally released on the cusp as RPGs were becoming more story driven with greater character interaction, plus more spoken dialogue to inject life and personality into important characters, Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer's basic engine is fairly unsophisticated today. Give it a wide berth if you want to get to know and love the characters and if you want a deep story, but if you just want to fill in a few sessions hacking and slashing then there's enough to do here to occupy a good few hours. Despite its antiquity and repetitiveness - and the annoying jumping challenges - there's still a bit of fun in store, especially building up your characters and training them to cover all the bases. It just manages to keep that addictive edge but it could wear thin before you reach the end.

May 2007 · Windows · read review

Clubic ( )

Mais rassurez-vous ce jeu malgré, ses petits défauts graphiques, est excellent pour tous ceux qui aiment les RPG avec optimisation de personnages, nombreuses quêtes, liberté de déplacement, et surtout avec une longévité extraordinaire (surpassé seulement par DaggerFall). J'aime y jouer (je m'y suis d'ailleurs plus amusé que dans Might And Magic 7), passer du temps sans me rendre compte que celui-ci défile heure après heure. Pour les inconditionnels du genre, pas d'hésitation; pour les autres, qui veulent passer du bon temps, se familiariser avec le RPG, sans se soucier du décors, car seul compte réellement le fond et non la forme; pas de problèmes : à vous les persos ressemblants à des dieux affrontant dragons et titans.

May 3rd, 2000 · Windows · read review

GameStar (Germany) (59 out of 100)

Es ist von New World Computing ganz schön dreist, Teil 8 ohne nennenswerte Verbesserungen zu veröffentlichen. Angesichts der starken Konkurrenz haben Neandertaler wie Might & Magic 8 auf den Festplatten dieser Welt nichts mehr verloren. Neben der Grafik sollten die Entwickler unbedingt mal die völlig verstaubte Spielmechanik und das lahme Missionsdesign entrümpeln. Merke: Nostalgie ist noch lange kein Grund, Might & Magic 8 zu kaufen.

Apr 2000 · Windows

PC Action (Germany) (58 out of 100)

Als vor zwei Jahren Might & Magic 6 erschien, galt die Optik schon als veraltet. Heute ist dieselbe Grafik nur noch peinlich. Zumindest inhaltlich hätte New World Computing etwas herausreißen können, aber darauf hofft man vergeblich. Es ist bedauerlich, dass eine der renommierten Rollenspielserien so vor die Hunde geht.

May 2000 · Windows

games xtreme (5.7 out of 10)

So the graphics are below average and the sounds kind of suck, but still I am saying that Might and Magic VIII is a good game. You might be asking yourself why I would say such a thing. Well, the story is quite interesting, the number of classes a huge plus and the sheer number of possibilities offered to someone that is willing to overlook the major flaws are endless. Having said that, I would recommend this to a Might and Magic fan and to a person who has all the top selling RPGs and just wants a new experience.

Aug 3rd, 2000 · Windows · read review

PC Games (Germany) (56 out of 100)

Bevor mich die letzten Sympathisanten der Serie niederstrecken, gesehe ich zu: Jawohl, auch M&M Nummer 8 spult souverän das bewährte - Schelme behaupten gar: ausgelutschte - Konzept runter, das alle Vorgänger bereits auszeichnete. Beruhigt? Dann weiter im Text. Lustige Seiten hat es durchaus, anno 2000 in einem aktuellen Spiel eckige Wagenräder, Kantenberge und krude Matschfiguren vor die Nase gesetzt zu bekommen. Nur: Ich muss für das kurze Kichern kein Geld ausgeben. Falls Sie also allen Ernstes erwägen, in dieses humoristische Werk zu investieren, ein Tipp: Lieber Teil 6 kaufen. Der sieht ähnlich überragend aus, kostet aber nur einen Bruchteil.

May 2000 · Windows

Privat Computer PC (55 out of 100)

De sidste par år har budt på så mange, gode rollespil, at Might and Magic VIII kun kan bruges som sidste udvej, når de andre er spillet.

2000 · Windows

PC Action (Germany) (49 out of 100)

(German version)
Im Test des englischen Originals (PCA 6/2000) wiesen wir bereits ausführlich auf die Hauptmankos hin. Auch in der deutschen Version vergällen einem vor allem das eintönige Spielprinzip - immer wieder ganze Heere von Monstern klatschen, riesige Dungeons säubern und simple, kleine Aufträge lösen - sowie die miese Grafik-Engine jeden Spaß. In Zeiten von Baldur’s Gate 2 ist das trotz der geglückten Übersetzung nicht mehr akzeptabel.

Nov 2000 · Windows

Jeuxvideo.com (9 out of 20)

Encore une fois, 3DO nous ressort une énième mouture décrépie de leur fameux jeu de rôle en vue à la première personne. L'action est répétitive à souhait et le moteur 3D commence à faiblir sous le poids des ans... Un jeu qui aurait fait fureur il y a quelques années mais qui fera aujourd'hui pâlir de honte votre PC flambant neuf.

Oct 6th, 2000 · Windows · read review

Absolute Games (AG.ru) (45 out of 100)

Думается, такой вариант должен устроить толпу из 1032 человек, благодаря которым на www.1999.ag.ru Might & Magic 7 была названа лучшей RPG ушедшего года. Вариант для остального, более прогрессивного человечества будет не в пример короче — давить. И ждать продолжения...

Mar 12th, 2000 · Windows · read review

Computer Gaming World (CGW) ( )

But too many aspects of MIGHT AND MAGIC VIII seem to have been slapped together without adequate testing or forethought. The dungeons are incredibly basic in design, especially when compared to the distinctive subterranean environments included in the past two games. While the unique abilities of the new classes are almost universally interesting, some of them are so powerful that they unbalance gameplay. Missile weapons are still overpowered, especially with the addition of the dragon’s 100% accurate basic attack; and since virtually all of the old spells are back, incantations such as paralyze and invisibility still make the game relatively easy. While hardcore fans may merely be grateful for another MIGHT AND MAGIC that provides familiar gameplay in new environments, most gamers will prefer to wait for the more innovative Lithtech engine MIGHT AND MAGIC games, due next year.

Jul 2000 · Windows

incite PC Gaming ( )

Role-playing gamers looking for a highly competitive experience have a lot of choices at the moment, and Might and Magic VIII is not the best of them. So, for the few fanatics who can't wait to play another predictable, dreary-looking yet strangely addictive Might and Magic PC game, here's your chance.

Jun 2000 · Windows

Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) ( )

Might and Magic VIII is a prime example of “old school” CRPG design, and while it is nice to revisit the traditional every once in a while, this was amply accomplished in the previous two Might and Magic titles. Excluding a few minor details such as the inclusion of the quasi-addictive Arcomage side game and the leeway to commit your party to a few morally binding quests, Might & Magic VIII is a wholly unremarkable experience whose primary characteristics are repetition, repetition and more repetition. If the Might and Magic role-playing series hopes to have any kind of staying power, it absolutely must overhaul its extremely tired and outdated graphical engine, lest it lose all credibility with gamers who long to enjoy an old-fashioned, traditional-style CRPG. All in all, Might & Magic VIII monotonously travels down the path of repetitious mediocrity, accomplishing precious little in doing so.

May 1st, 2000 · Windows · read review

ActionTrip (34 out of 100)

"Recycling" computer games became a common thing. Obsolete engines are being used beyond belief just to make more money on account of old fame. Playability does play an important role in determining game quality, yet outdated graphics and gameplay can really spoil the overall impression. Neither reviewers nor players were overenthusiastic about Might and Magic VII, mostly because of the old engine and lack of novelties. Disregarding that, New World Computing decided to repeat the same mistake in Might and Magic VIII: the objects and NPCs are still polygons in spite of the use of 3D acceleration.

Mar 29th, 2000 · Windows · read review

PC Gamer UK (27 out of 100)

The ironically named New World Computing know they're onto a good thing. With minimal costs, they can virtually guarantee a certain level of sales from die-hard M&M fans. But not you. Because you're not going to buy it, are you?

Aug 2000 · Windows

Game Revolution (D)

Frankly, Might and Magic VIII is a half-assed production. It seems like the developers figured they'd try to drain a little more money out of yesterday's game, as opposed to giving you something truly worth buying. If you want more of the same - the exact, outdated same - then this is the game for you.

Apr 1st, 2000 · Windows · read review

Player Reviews

A minotaur, a dragon, and a lich walk into a bar...
by Unicorn Lynx (181289)

The Good
The sixth Might and Magic game heralded a new era for the franchise: free-roaming 3D world, optional real-time battles, and a bunch of other tweaks, refinements, and other great ideas. No wonder that the subsequent installment followed the recipe and copied the formula verbatim. Yet at the same time, the seventh game boasted a more attractive, coherent world design, stronger narrative, and reduced the sheer amount of hostile in-game creatures to manageable levels.

Might and Magic VIII is similar to its immediate predecessor in this respect: it is set in an appealing, aesthetically engaging world and doesn't throw at the player ridiculous amounts of enemies. It also introduces some new features, some of which may shock the series' veterans: at the beginning of the game, the player is only allowed to create one character. The rest of the party must be found and recruited throughout the game world.

At first sight, this kills one of the chief appeals of Might and Magic - fully independent, flexible party management. However, the game is built in such a way that experimenting with pre-made companions becomes at least as interesting as fiddling around with your own homemade heroes. The reason for that is the fact that the customization variety in this game largely relies on the vast choices of classes. You don't create plain fighters and thieves and then train them to become champions and rogues, but experiment right off the bat with trolls, necromancers, and vampires, dealing with the strengths and weaknesses of each class. You'll be quickly overwhelmed by the possibilities and addicted to the goal of assembling the ultimate party. If you know the game well, you can find shortcuts to powerful characters you can recruit early in the game; but, as a rule, the full-fledged warriors offer their services only towards the end of the game, and most of the initial recruits do need you to train them and customize them in any way you see fit.

Might and Magic VIII boasts wonderful flexibility within its open-ended gameplay system. This has always been one of the reasons for the series' greatness. You are presented with a vast world that you explore in any fashion you want, studying it and becoming acquainted with what it has to offer. This installment is no different - from the moment you start the game, you are theoretically free to go wherever you want and do anything you want (that's right - there are two ways to skip Dagger Wound Island, and none of them involves cheating). You can stick to safe areas, follow the game's "script", and do things by the book; or you can be brave and reckless, venturing into dangerous spots in hope of finding a hidden treasure cache or a powerful weapon that would give you the much-needed edge in combat.

The game is full of those little things that I love seeing in RPGs: it has secrets, shortcuts, tricks, unorthodox strategies, weird stuff to try out. The game rewards you for taking your time to know it, promising a more sweeping, fulfilling playthrough every time you replay it. You can laboriously trudge through it, or madly rush into a lethal area and try, against all odds, to get to that level 50 character that would completely transform your pitifully weak party. Might and Magic VIII is, in a way, even more generously open than the previous games, in that it has no obligatory battles at all - which means that you can, theoretically, complete the game without killing a single enemy! It is a great challenge that requires lots of patience, practicing precise timing, and profound knowledge of the game - but, thanks to the Invisibility spell, it is feasible.

Looking at the game's release time stamp, one cannot ignore the fact that its graphics are dated. It's true that an RPG fan should not pay too much attention to graphics, but it does feel disappointing to see enemy sprites in a 3D game at the turn of the millennium. That said, I think that the developers did squeeze every ounce of aesthetic juice out of the old engine. "Ugly" is not a word one would apply to Might and Magic VIII. Every location in it was crafted with care and as much detail as it was possible with the limitations in technology. Each area feels refreshingly and appropriately different. From the cozy glow of twilight Alvar to the spooky creepiness of Shadowspire, from the pristine, ethereal castle in the sky to the ominous lava traps of the fire realm - all those interesting places you'll visit, and many more, are sure to immerse you into the game's atmosphere and make you want to spend more time with it.

The Bad
Yes, it's another variation on the old theme - become an improbable world-saver, unite factions led by idiots who can't unite on their own, do quests such as "bring me item X from dungeon Y" or "kill everyone, because you can", amass seventy trillion experience points and superb chainmails of divine earth regurgitation +53, find grandmaster trainers in advanced esoteric rabbit-breeding, etc. But hey, this is a role-playing and a Might and Magic game, so, personally, I have absolutely no problem with that. It's just that the experience doesn't feel quite as fresh and as exciting as it used to be. Clearly, in terms of bringing new ideas to the table, Might and Magic VIII scores only a handful of points. Then again, "if it ain't broke..."

My only substantial complaint is the overall low difficulty level of the game. For that reason I recommend this installment to all newcomers to the series - it has wonderful gameplay, and it offers many ways to become obscenely powerful. In particular, the dragon class is almost a game-breaker - those reptiles just crush and burn everything in their path, and are easy to find and train to the maximum. I spent a lot of time upgrading my liches and vampires, but there was always the temptation of dumping those weaklings and just recruit three dragons and breeze through the game's otherwise reasonably challenging final stages.

The Bottom Line
While it would be easy to dismiss Might and Magic VIII as yet another mass product of formula-milking, aficionados of the genre should not be fooled - this is a beautifully fulfilling RPG that just begs to be replayed and have all of its nooks and crannies studied extensively.

May 30th, 2018 · Windows

Unfairly ignored because of a dated engine
by András Gregorik (64)

The Good
Everything about this largely ignored game works despite infamously reusing the M&M 6 and 7 graphics engine. I'll cut to the chase by talking about a single aspect: atmosphere.
This one may be the most atmospheric Might & Magic in the entire series; no, I'm not exaggerating. Tinting and colored lighting seem to be a great help. The Abandoned Temple finally feels like an abandoned temple and not like papier-mache cutout. Alvar feels like a small town and not like a set of polygons.
There are little touches here and there that were pretty much absent from previous parts: like a tiny park in Alvar with a pedestal in the middle that glows in the dark; or the tomb near Ravenshore with the eerie red glow on its top. Also, the game boasts more varied landscapes, more detailed textures in general. As a result, one feels sucked into this world instantly, something that may not quite work with previous installments.

The Bad
True, it is all less than original: a variation on the age-old theme really. Questmaster > dungeon > monsters > questitem > questmaster > levelup. That's it. And there are still problems with NPC interaction (or lack of it). Villagers are still drones telling us the same lines over and over again.
Many players label this series 'pure RPG' -- and quite falsely. M&M 8 is still closer to the action genre than to the all-immersive, in-depth role-playing experience embodied by the Gothic and Elder Scrolls series.

The Bottom Line
I for one enjoyed M&M 8 more than M&M 6 which, despite being a lot more popular, feels stale and spartan in comparison. The designers were in absolute control of their engine the third time around and felt free to experiment with it -- to the benefit of the player. It's okay to pass on M&M9, but M&M8 is an appropriate swansong to a highly esteemable 15 year-old series.

Jul 26th, 2014 · Windows

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