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aka: Daemonica: Зов Смерти, 魔鬼

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Adventure, action and a bit of role playing blend in Daemonica, a murder mystery set in 14th century medieval England in the period following the infamous Black Death.

The majority of the game is "true" point-and-click adventure, with all the elements adventure gamers have become accustomed to, with only a small amount of action (in the form of sword fighting) controlled using the mouse and keyboard. The isometric "top down" view makes it look like a traditional role player.

Using the keyboard, you can zoom in or out and adjust camera angles. Scenery graphics include animated objects and animals, including weather effects. There is very little voice-acting, and that is of the main character. Important revelations in the story are provided by narrated text instead of graphic cut-scenes, and conversations with other characters are handled with on-screen text (unvoiced) in a pop-up window. The background music and ambient sound effects are intended to bring an overall feeling of foreboding and moodiness to the story.

Your character, Nicholas Farepoynt, is summoned by the Mayor of Cavorn to determine whether the proper man was executed for the murder of his fiance'. Farepoynt has many abilities that make him unique, including being able to commune with and speak to the dead! As the story progresses, you will guide Nicholas throughout the town talking to its citizens (alive as well as dead) and unearthing the underlying plot that emerges.

Solving adventure-type puzzles comes into play and those include riddles as well as object-dependent ones. The most important "quest" involves finding herbs for the making of potions to enhance Nicholas' abilities, heal him or enable him to travel to the "Temple of Sacrifices" in order to question the souls of the dead. Multiple endings provide a replay value.

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Average score: 69% (based on 35 ratings)


Average score: 3.2 out of 5 (based on 10 ratings with 1 reviews)

Interesting and a bit different Adventure/Role Player, but only mediocre overall

The Good
Daemonica is a mixed bag. It's difficult to pick out the elements that kept me playing the game. But I kept at it, playing it for 4-5 hours every day from the moment I installed it until the conclusion (about 6 days worth).

The story is set during one of the most gruesome, dismal periods of the world's history - right after the Black Death had wiped thousands upon thousands off the face of the earth. It's no wonder that the survivors were left in a state of gloom and despair, questioning why they were spared when their loved ones were not. But, although this tragedy is referenced in the story, other things are afoot in the town of Cavorn, where the game takes place. An evil demon, buried for centuries, is about to return to the world and cause havoc. Of course, your character doesn't find out about its existence until about half way through - and, naturally, it is he who must prevent its return. So, you see, the story is what kept me playing.

Is "talking with the dead" anything really new? In adventure games, maybe, but not in role players I'm sure (although I can't recall a particular game). But I must admit that aspect enticed me to buy the game. Basically it goes like this .. After a body has been found and is brought back to his cellar, Nicholas needs to talk to them to help unravel the mystery of their death (or the deaths of others). By collecting herbs and drinking a special potion made from those herbs, Nicholas goes into his special "mode", speaks the ancient language of "daemonica", dies, and is transported to the Temple. There he must choose the proper door to open an antechamber and answer 3 questions which will call forth the intended deceased. After talking with that person, he miraculously returns to the land of the living - drained and exhausted, but alive.

Other positive features worth noting include:

  1. Navigation enhanced map

  2. Simple player controls and interface
  3. Ridiculously easy sword fighting and not much of it (5 or 6 times)
  4. Orchestrated (digital) music
  5. Environmental effects (rain, thunder and lightening)
  6. Sound effects (although minimal)
  7. Screenshot save without the need for external software
  8. Quick Save & Quick Load
  9. 3 Endings
The isometric point of view didn't bother me once I got used to it. Adjusting your angle of view by rotating the screen is necessary to see parts of the screen hidden by trees, buildings and other obstructions. (Most important while collecting herbs.)

**The Bad**
I think the game would have sold much better if they had hired voice actors and actresses. Your main character's voice is the only one you'll hear. Because of this, there is an extensive amount of on-screen reading. While I knew that at the onset, I really missed voiced conversations. The following added points on the negative side:
  1. Resolution Bug - Meridian 4 calls this a "rare bug", but it happened to me. If your computer's default screen resolution is set to very high, you may need to change it "temporarily" or the game won't load. Set your resolution lower, start the game and then set the resolution in the game's options. Then, when you quit and return to Windows, you can reset your resolution back to the original. An irritating bug .. and one that should have been caught by the testers.
  2. Interface Limits - inventory, number of saved games.
  3. Somewhat slow screen loads
  4. Tedious actions - collecting herbs becomes tiresome. Although they do re-spawn (probably during those "loads"), you're limited to only 10 of each in your bag at one time. So you are continually running out, after Act 1.
Note: Be sure and install any patches before you begin gameplay.

**The Bottom Line**
I love RPG's with a good story and adventure aspects. In fact, I play Role-Players for that reason, among others. Daemonica is the other way around - this is an adventure game with a little bit of role playing mixed in. There is no "action" as such - no jumping, climbing or swimming - but there is a bit of sword fighting (mostly with "undead" zombies) and you can die if you don't get the timing right (defense vs. offense). Some adventure gamers thrive on "puzzles" these days and wonder if there are many in this game. The answer is No .. not really. By flitting to one NPC after another, reading and normal exploration, you'll figure out what to do. During the last act there are a few "flip the right switch", and "step on the correct tile" type of situations, but I wouldn't call those puzzles exactly. This is not a bad first effort by RA Images. However, although commercially produced and published, the game could easily have been an "indie" entry. The graphics look more amateurish than professional to me and it looks and feels like a game from the mid-1990s. It is really not up to par with games released now - not in adventures or role playing games. Is Daemonica fun to play? Yes. I think most adventure gamers will like it. The majority of RPG lovers probably will not - simply because there's not enough role-playing in it.

Windows · by Jeanne (75306) · 2009

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