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Missing on Lost Island

aka: Lost Island, Verschollen auf Lost Island, Ztracen├Ż ostrov

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Lost Island is a German 3rd POV point-and-click adventure game with English dialogues and subtitles.

Tim and Diana, walking home at night, meet a couple of men dressed like 17th century pirates who are loading something on a cart. Disturbed by the couple, a man with a wooden leg shoots Diana with a laser gun and she vanishes. In the fight Tim is also shot and disappears as well, and materializes naked in a deep crater, somewhere in a different time period. Before you are on your way to find Diana and return to your own time and place, you have to find some clothing and find a way to get out of the pit.

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Average score: 53% (based on 10 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 5 ratings with 1 reviews)

A modern adventure with an aftertaste of the classics

The Good
I enjoyed this adventure mostly because it felt like a classic point-and-click adventure game. The game worked very good and the story is not bad, and although I dislike stories that try to combine modern time characters with unexplained mystics, this game did not leave me disappointed. Good fun too. Also the makers helped by using the active cursor that changed depending on the object it was over, which helps to go through the game.

The Bad
The music track was a bit annoying but the major drawback of this game is the possibility to progress through the game in different ways. I think it does not really come as a multiple ending game since the ending depends on choices the player makes at the very end of the game, but nevertheless there are several occasions during the game where the story may go different ways. Later on the two story line connect thou. But still the player misses some action.

The Bottom Line
Tim is teleported to a mysterious island where he tries to find his girlfriend Diana. Turns out he must get of this island and try to find a secret pirate island where he meets mysterious alien creatures (not green men). Good fun and story with a feel of classic adventure. I suggest you try it if you liked the classic adventures.

Windows · by Kris Jeskev (3) · 2008


Subject By Date
can,t get in the captain's cabin Daksh Gupta Mar 13th, 2008
can't get on ship ! Sumit Bhattacharya Jan 14th, 2008
how to get across from the harbour..?? qwertu srewtfgsre Sep 1st, 2007

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