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Queen: The eYe

aka: Queen: The eYe - Nous devons tous voir pour croire, Queen: The eYe - We Must All See to Believe, Queen: The eYe - Wir müssen alle sehen, um zu glauben
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DOS credits (1998)

52 people (38 professional roles, 14 thanks) with 56 credits.


Queen are John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor

Destination Design Limited on behalf of Queen Multimedia Limited and EMI Music Ltd

Created and Written by Richard Ashdown
Technical Director Stuart Law
Music Written and Performed by Queen
Executive Producer Jim Beach, Tim Massey
Music Re-mixed by Joshua J. Macrae
Team Leader Mario Aguera
Assistant Producer Terry Baker, Piers Jackson
Production Team Manjit Bedi, Ian Johnson, Martin Nicholas
Artist Matthew Risley, Carl Wenczek
Production Administration Clare Osborne
Artwork and Graphics Rapid Eye Movement
Motion Capture ACTI System
Voices Paul Darrow, Jacqueline Pearce, Gary Parker, Peter Tuddenham, Janet Lees-Price, Tim Massey, Richard Ashdown, Stuart Law, Clare Osborne
Production Accountants Dover Childs Tyler
Production Bookkeeper Joan Gunn
Publicity Phil Symes
Legal Robert Lee, James Wolsey
Queen - The Eye logo & Packaging design Richard Gray
Thanks to Peter Chant, Sally Gallagher, Julie Glover, Martin Groves, Martin Haxby, Annemarie Meyer, Justin Shirley-Smith, Vicky Vocat
Special thanks to Ken Berry, Shelagh MacLeod, David Gardner, Michel Cassius, EMI, Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts

Production Manager Ann Williams
Documentation James Lenoël
Manual Design Caroline Arthur
QA James Deverill, David Hadden


Executive Producer Jeremy Silver
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