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aka: Benoit Sokal: Last King of Africa, Beno├«t Sokal's Paradise, Der Letzte K├Ânig von Afrika, Last King of Africa, Lost Paradise, Paradise: The Season of Storms

[ Nintendo DS ] [ Windows ]

Nintendo DS credits (2008)

38 People

Last King of Africa - Benoit Sokal

Conceived and produced by
  • White Birds Productions
Original story
Original game design
Original art
Game Designer
Lead Artist

Developed by 7th Sense Studios

Lead Programmer
Project Lead
Lain Middleware Programmer
Additional Tools Programmer
Special Interactions Programmers
Lead Artist
3D Characters Adaptions
Additional Graphics
Game Scripting
Music Adaptions / SFX
PR Management
Account Manager

Published by Focus Home Interactive

Da Boss
Ze Marketing Bro'
Toile Master
Ze golden team
International Team

Last King of Africa

Based on an original story by
Produced by White Bird Productions
Associate Producers

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