Hitman: Blood Money

aka: Hitman 4, Hitman: Argent de sang, Hitman: Krwawa Forsa
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Agent 47 the assassin returns in the 4th installment of the Hitman series. This time he goes on a trip around America, undertaking missions in major cities such as Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles and other exotic locations. This time, he better watch his back, as his long-time employer, the International Contract Agency, is threatened by a mysterious rival.

Gameplay in Hitman: Blood Money is generally similar to the previous installments. Once again, your job will be to complete several assassination missions. You can sneak around in disguise to avoid the suspicious guards, or you can instead open fire on everyone you see. When you complete your mission, you're given a rating - from "Mass Murderer" up to the coveted "Silent Assassin".

Blood Money introduces a lot of new features, however. A new notoriety system will track every single one of your moves, which in turn will demand utmost calculation in order to successfully accomplish your objectives. For those of you who are tired of a direct approach, you will be given the opportunity to stage accidents and should you be suspected, bribes and "other" accidents will always be at hand. Blood Money also gives the player the opportunity to customize weapons.


  • Hitman. Кровавые деньги - Russian spelling
  • 杀手:血钱 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 83% (based on 64 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 118 ratings with 5 reviews)

EIDOS strikes again!

The Good
Hitman: Blood Money is a great game from the creators of Tomb Raider. The story line is great. You are an assassin who has a different target every level of the game. The art and graphics of the game are beautiful! The levels are very well designed. The character designs are neat. The orchestral soundtrack really blends in nicely with the game. In the game, you get sent to many locations such as Paris, Vegas, Louisiana and much more. Blood Money gives you the option to bring your custom guns or the ones that are preset in the game. To beat the game you must use various disguises and try to be silent and keep a low profile. This game has much replay value too. This game is very fun. It's kind of similar to Splinter Cell, except it doesn't matter if your loud or silent.

The Bad
Well in my opinion nothing is wrong with this game except for the stupid A.I. and the short storyline. I think there are 14 levels in all. The levels are long so I'm sure Eidos try to play it off like it was long. The A.I. is kind of stupid. Sometimes the civilians tell on you when you did nothing wrong. And sometimes when cops see Hitman in his suit they pull out their guns and start shooting at you!

The Bottom Line
A very fun game that deserves an A-. The game is not great but not bad. Its in between.

PlayStation 2 · by TwoDividedByZero (114) · 2013

It's a good game, so why don't I love it?

The Good
I've had the opportunity to play previous games in the Hitman series, and though each of them have their faults in places, they seem to be pretty solid entries into the gaming pantheon. So, I was pretty happy to finally get the chance to play Blood Money. And I was satisfied with the result. And yet, I wasn't.

But, this is The Good, so let's take a look at that, starting with the visuals. It's been a few years since Silent Assassin and Contracts came out, so the graphics have been bumped up accordingly for 2006 sensibilities. What I'm most impressed about regarding the game are not the shader tricks employed (although the Shader Model upgrades are nice, of course), but the detail in the level environments. The levels in Blood Money are very dense on the detail front, and that goes a long way to making the game a lot more immersive than previous entries. They also put a lot more polys into the character models for this release, which was something that desperately needed to be done.

But really, where Blood Money really shines is on the sound front. The audio engineers working on this went to bat on this one, and have come up hitting over .500 here. The sound sampling is drastically improved for BM, and ambient sounds are very intelligently placed. Of course, Jesper Kyd is also definitely one of the top (if not the best, and at this point in time - 2010 - I would argue that he IS the best) composers in the industry these days, and his productions on this outing are a rather excellent pastiche of new themes, rearranged themes from old (pre-Hitman) games, and songs that take elements and leitmotifs from all the previous Hitman games into account. There are some non-Kyd songs in the game, but they are all integrated into the title seamlessly. They even had the balls to pull off a tone-deaf rendition of one of these songs as a plot element for a level in the game, which was an amazing idea on the creative end of things. Whoever thought of that little turn certainly has my appreciation. I predict that in the near future, I will be on eBay or Amazon looking to add this game's soundtrack to my collection.

Regarding the gameplay, I will say that while it wasn't perfectly implemented, there were a lot of nice new features tossed into this game. One thing I really like is the accident system, which is really something they should have added some time ago. Also, the close combat system is another welcome addition, although it does make 47 a little overpowered at times; instead of knocking out or killing an enemy with stealth, as per the older titles, you can just smash their nose in and bop them on the head if you get them in an amenable situation to do so. I know that does sound like a complaint...but on the whole its better than not having an unarmed game at all, so I'll rate it as a positive for now, as well. I have no problems with the "human shield" system, though, in fact I think it's the best addition to the game - certainly a lot quicker than the sedative syringe.

As a side note to the gameplay, the new control system is generally an improvement to the older one from Hitman 2. Of course, it does take some getting used to.

The Bad
However, one thing I couldn't get used to is the plot. Blood Money suffers the same problem that Hitman 1 & 2 have; the plot is great on paper, but becomes confounding when executed. You can follow what's going on just enough to get the general gist of how the story line develops, but nothing you can really sink your teeth into. Actually, to be totally honest with you, this has the least satisfying plot to the series as of the date of publication, and towards the end of the game it feels like a real slog to get through the last few levels just to see things wrap up.

Another thing that bugs me is that the realism of the setting has also been compromised a bit in this release. While one could argue that the Hitman universe arguably has never really strived for a great deal of "real-realism", and has generally been more in favor of "movie-realism", this release doesn't even reach that level. On the whole, the game universe in this outing feels like a dark cartoon with really goofy, unrealistic supporting characters. It's less "The Professional", and more like a dark version of "Batman: The Animated Series" with Batman replaced by a bald guy with a barcode on his head, armed with bombs and a Walther WA-2000 sniper rifle, and the villains only look slightly less dorky and swear a lot more.

Other problems could be found in the levels themselves. While they were very detailed and great to look at, they suffered from inherent design problems; in many cases, they were way too linear and scripted. Even though the empathsis is on stealth with this release, in it's own way you have a resurgence of the "Hidden Valley-style" mission where there is really only one way to go about things. Case in point; the ways that you can approach and pass both Las Vegas missions are very limited, and if you want to go for Silent Assassin then you are only looking at one or two viable strategies. This also affects many of the other level sets in the game, although some missions are more flexible than others.

Gameplay-wise, while the accident system and the other new gameplay features having been implemented presently is a step in the right direction, you do seem limited insofar as to how you can employ that system. For example, there are some ledges in the game were you can push people off, and those kills are counted as accidents. The same thing can also be done on staircases. However, in some cases there are some ledges you can't push people off of, even though there is no reason why you couldn't. Even worse, if you push someone down a flight of stairs at an angle that would most certainly be fatal, invariably it seems that some NPCs are only ever knocked out by said shoves, no matter what the circumstances are. These new gameplay features are not as solidly coded as one would hope, and I would definitely like to see them cleaned up in a sequel.

Speaking of solid coding, there's a distinct lack of it in some parts of the game. One really buggy mission is New Orleans during Mardi Gras. You are lead to believe that the targets in this mission are psychotic and will react badly to their plans being disrupted, but they actually react very little to anything you do at all. This makes the mission artificially harder - at least on the first playthrough - than it should be, since you are on a time limit and your intel would probably lead you to do a lot of unnecessary sneaking around. Furthermore, I encountered one situation where I was denied entry into a bar because the cop said I wasn't in a costume. The only thing is, is that I was dressed up as a big yellow bird. I don't know about you, but I generally consider that to be a costume. And why the N.O.P.D. would prevent you from entering a bar during Mardi Gras is beyond me, by the way, as is the fact that if you go into said bars dressed as anything other than a waiter, every cop in the city will try to kill you. And that's just one mission.

sigh I don't know. I really like the Hitman series, but there are just so many little things about this title that bug me, enough that I almost don't even really feel like playing it again now that I've beat it. Which is really odd, as I can replay the older titles like crazy. Just give me the Maylasia missions from Hitman 2, for example, and I am a happy camper. Not so much here. In fact, I very nearly replayed the whole of the 2009 Ghostbusters game again after taking a break from Blood Money during my first playthrough of it. While GB:TVG is fun and massively entertaining, its very linear and I've already beaten it. That it can pull me away from a much less linear title, let alone a game that I hadn't even beaten yet, is not a good sign.

One last thing; when I tried to fire the game up for the first time, the Blood Money executable file said that I was missing a DirectX 9 file. Now, I will admit that I am using Windows 7 64-Bit, and that I did fix the problem by downloading the DirectX 9 redistributable pack of .DLL files and throwing the correct .DLL in the game's primary directory. But come on, this game is only four years old. I have games from the late 90s that use DirectX 5, 6, and 7 calls that run flawlessly on my box as-is. I will freely admit that this is in part the result of the OS breaking support with the old DX9 API...but it's also something that game developers should be on the ball about as well. Heck, Windows Vista (which is pretty close in functionality to Seven) was released only a few months after Blood Money made its debut, so its somewhat incredible that IO Interactive couldn't have future-proofed things for impending DirectX updates a little better, either during the initial release or through a patch.

The Bottom Line
All and all, I still think this title is worth picking up. It's generally fun for the first playthrough. Certainly, if nothing else, give it a shot for the scenery and - especially - the music.

But I still can't feel that I am rating this release a little highly to be honest with you. Individually, the parts that make up this game are pretty high quality. But they just don't come together very well, and this bothers me quite a lot.

But, since I should sum it up in a line or two, "Hitman: Blood Money" a good game in it's own way, but it doesn't really stack up well to the other games in the series, sadly. Hopefully IO will make Hitman 5 a little more flavorful than this game turned out to be at the end of the day. In the mean time, pick this one up if you find it at a good discount.

Windows · by Longwalker (723) · 2010

Easily the gem of the series.

The Good
This game is awesome, I have played the previous Hitman incarnations and even though I did enjoy them, for some reason they just didn't seem like they were making a major impact on me, so I was a little leery when I came across Blood Money. I originally bought this game in a bargain bin for $9.99 new so my first thought was "Oh crap, bad game", but boredom was overtaking me so I picked it up and popped this in and let me tell you....I was floored.

The graphics are gorgeous, the tropical scenery, the dark shadows and mood of some of the locations throughout the game really give it an atmosphere and I love the many variations of locations (Chile, Paris, a suburb, casino, etc.). The detail was immense and the way you can take out your target by any means with no real linear objective, just eliminate and escape really does this game justice, not including the newspaper at the end of a mission giving you details (a nice little touch that I really loved).

The story was very enjoyable, I didn't really get into the previous Hitman storylines, but this one was really enjoyable through past missions that you play leading up to the present day and the acting and AI is incredible. The weapon upgrades are very useful, including the standard equipment and the variety of weapons really does this game justice, anything from fiber wire, to kitchen knives, the trusty Silver Baller and Assault Rifles to even a nail gun. And the easy accessibility of items and map screen really make it another plus.

To put it bluntly there is a lot to love about this game.

The Bad
Well, there were a few little hiccups and a major (to me) hiccup. One of them is just a lack of inconsistency when it comes do damaging objects and shooting people. For example: you can shoot someone in the stomach, the bend over like they just ate a bad hot dog from Dairy Queen, but then again shoot them in the leg and the same reaction. I would love to see them try to limp off when shot, giving a bit more realism, but I guess now with the technology it can be done. Another one is some glass items can be destroyed but others can't, example: in A New Life, you can shoot the mirrors and glass doors in the house and they will shatter, but you can shoot a bottle, nothing, a bullet hole and a glass shatter sound, kinda like Goldeneye 007. Just a minor quibble I guess, but something that does bother me.

There is one glitch I did see, or hear, in the casino mission if you run through the casino floor shooting at people with an assault rifle, the sound will decrease dramatically, you can still hear the shooting and people screaming, but it sounds like your listening to the game with your fingers in your ear.

There is one more, to me Agent 47 just seems....weak. His only moves really are to shove from behind, headbutt and grab a gun from his enemies. Now I have to admit that grabbing the gun is very useful, but half the time the gun goes off trying to grab it and grabs the attention of nearby enemies, so it seems useless sometimes. It seems like he relies more on just shooting, it would be nice to have some counter moves like grabbing and arm and breaking it or a roundhouse kick, something else besides a schoolyard bully shove. Plus I can't figure out why he can only drag and not pick up and carry bodies like in Metal Gear Solid, with his speed and stance when he is dragging, you could take out the dead body and he would look like a zombie walking.

The Bottom Line
All in all, this is a great game despite is small quibbles and Agent 47's lack of personality and weakness. If you haven't got a chance to play this game, play it now, it is one of the best games I've played in a while. Hopefully the next-gen Hitman will be a bit stronger next time, nothing major like a Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal upgrade and maybe even a bit more ways to take out your targets like making it look like a suicide or stranger ways like throwing a hairdryer in a bathtub. But enough rambling, three words....Play it now!

PlayStation 2 · by Big John WV (26941) · 2008

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1001 Video Games

Hitman: Blood Money appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


  • Each mission is followed by a report on your actions in the newspaper, usually detailing the circumstances surrounding your target's demise. The contents of the articles depends on your actions. Also, the newspapers have other headlines that can be read in detail as well. Now, the first paper you see include a small headline about two killers escaping from prison. This is actually an extremely obscure and subtle allusion to the Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, also developed by IO Interactive A/S.
  • Engine programmer David Guldbrandsen is inscripted as dead into a gravestone in the game with the years 1998 - 2004 which is his time he worked with IOI till Hitman: Blood Money was released.

Information also contributed by Fjonan

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