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Ultimate Spider-Man

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PlayStation 2 credits (2005)

588 People (406 developers, 182 thanks)

Ultimate Spider-Man

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Creative Directors
Lead Game Designer
Art Director
Technical Director
Lead Programmer
Audio Director
Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Lead Story Mission Designer
Story Design Team
Lead Open City Designer
Open City Design Team
Design Interns
Concept Artists
Lead Character Modeler
Character Modelers
Lead Animator
Lead Level Builder
Level Builders
Lead Texture Artist
Texture Artists
Lead Motion Graphics Artist
Motion Graphics Artists "Team Panel"
Cinematic Artists "Team Panel"
Special Effects
User Interface Artist
Art Intern
Lead AI Programmer
AI & Gameplay Programming
Engine Programming
Tools Programming
Graphics Programming
Physics Programming
Animation Programming
Sound Programming
Programming Intern
Technology Director
Tools and Libraries
Data Compression by
  • oberhumer.com
Lead Sound Designer
Sound Designers
Additional Sound
Voice Recording Engineer
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Additional Remixes
Drums and Djembe
Voice Over Direction
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Executive Producers
Associate Producers
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Additional Production
Director of Operations
Information Technology
Office Managers
Quality Assurance Leads
Quality Assurance
Special Thanks
Treyarch Thanks
  • Thanks to Dad [Jose L.]; Mom [Ada]
  • Kevin Bolivar (Wise-Guys)
  • Alan Bolivar (Wise-Guys)
  • The IFAC Crew; and my old school homies from Miami.
  • Many thanks to my wife Linda and our son William for their support and sacrifice during our project Crunch! Salamat to Margie; MJ; Nars; Anna; Nev; Shea; Riss; Catherine; J3varela; Gailz; Deano; Dad; Ev; Brother Ben; Sister Bri.
  • Mary Jane Dumlao (Special thanks to my MJ)
  • Thanks for all the support Kerrie; I Love You Princess. And hello to Daniel and Phoebe! Keep playing Joel; my biggest fan! Special thanks to Andrea my loving and supportive wife.
  • Consuelo Garrido
  • Unni Diesen
  • Russ Manning
  • Alexandre Bortoluzzi
  • Thanks to Wonyoung and Minha for supporting me forever. Much thanks to my wife Kathy for taking care of me and Team Panel for putting up with me.
  • Thanks to my ultimate wife and sons: Miriam; Anthony; and Evan.
  • Alexandra Rosas (Thank you for all you wonderful support and motivation)
  • Diego; thanks for inspiring me! For my wife and daughter; and for the guys at 3DP and PXB.
  • Tami Hellewell Zachary (Special thanks to and Zachary family. I love you all.)
  • Alexander Fleming (Thanks to)
  • Joseph Lister (Thanks to)
  • Laurin Chikamoto (Special thanks to for helping me through the tough times!)
  • Thanks to Wendie; Holly and Tiny unnamed baby; without whom I coudldn't do it.
  • Ped Fem (Special thanks to)
  • Peter Boasberg (Dr./I'd like to thank)
  • Steven O'Day (Dr./I'd like to thank)
  • Sandra Binder (I'd like to thank)
  • Jenna Borgen (I'd like to thank)
  • Charlene Dunn (Thanks to)
  • I'd like to thank my friends; family for all their support. Thanks to Giga; she helped me too.
  • Thank You to my sweet pea; Abby Lou. I love you!
  • To my wife and baby for making my dream come true and my fellow designers for helping and teaching me.
  • Special thanks to my beautiful wife Clara; and to my wonderful little boy Isaiah.
  • Ana Monroy
  • Sandra Vasconez
  • Sherbag; and Rosy. The Rhodes and the Hill family. Much thanks and love to my wife Iwona. Thanks also to my parents and the Zejmo family for your support.
  • Ivone Archibeque (I like to thank)
  • Matt Brownstein (and the Crew)
  • Lou Martinez ("Big")
  • Anthony Alacala
  • My girl Jennie and Mendoza family; my nieces and nephews Mariah. Roque; Elias; Jairo; Arista; Seren; Ciel. And Vwcola.
  • Special thanks to my mom and dad
  • Richard Sum (my awesome bro)
  • Diana Lee (and my bunny)
  • I dedicate my work to Elizabeth and Henry; because the greatest heroes seldom realize that they are heroes at all.
  • Special thanks to my family for always supporting me.
  • Marianne Pierre (Merci a)
  • Chavely Joseph
  • Shour out; Herby; Ashley; Eugene
  • Robert Demat
  • Mike Dodart
  • Thanks to my very supportive fiance. BTW; I am almost done. I should be home soon!
  • JP Jacolbia
  • RJ Jacolbia
  • Sondra Dingcong
  • Sung Park
  • Debbie Axelsen
  • Brian Alagao Pork
  • Sharon Maza (Extra special thanks to for being so understanding during crunch time and always making me happy when I was stressed.)
  • Special thanks to Lindsay; Hunter and Jackson for all of your support and patience. No more late nights; woot! Thanks to my family especially my son Joshua. Inspiration; Syndrome Studios; Fake Pilot; Alphachannel; One9ine; MK12; Heavy; Munk Motion
  • Stan Lee
  • Eisner; Romitas; McCloud. Elizabeth; Jackson and Tabby much love and many thanks for your patience during this busy crazy and exciting time.
  • Katie Valenzuela (All my love to whom crunch and life would not be worth living.)
  • Isabel Valenzuela (All my love to whom crunch and life would not be worth living.)
  • Jessica-Anne Torseld
  • The Zamkoff family and all of my friends for always being there good or bad. No hugging!! No hugging!! USA! USA! USA! The goofiest pal in the world - Thanks Abby.
  • Much love to mama and Papa Padilla; Brian; Jimmy; The McToolingers; Nick and David for the laughter and the support. Thank you to all my family and friends.
  • Joe Yu (What up "Papajoe")
  • H311 awaits; and the Overlords. Like to thank my family for dealing with the long hours. Thank You for letting me be a part of the best comic-inspired video game ever.
  • Brian McGowan (I would like to thank)
  • Becky McGowan (I would like to thank)
  • Sharon; Jamie; Wakenda; Pudgee
  • Ted Harrison (for their love and support.)
  • I would like to thank the entire QA Team for rocking it with a fistful of boo-yeah... boo-yeah.
  • I want to thank all the squishy penguins. Thanx for giving a bald guy a chance. Your choice of food for lunch and dinner is the bomb!!!
  • I would like to thank my wife; Nola; for being so supportive of my career.
  • Aaron Roseman (I'd like to thank because he's so awesome.)
  • Thanks to all my friends and family for allowing me to borrow money and sleep in their houses for free. Thankx to Activision; everyone at Treyarch; my fellow QA cronies
  • Tami Dean
  • Sol Englehardt
  • Full Metal Phil
  • Nathan Persons
  • Goooooaaaaaallllll!!!
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  • Activision Publishing Inc.
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Senior Project Leads
QA Manager
Floor Leads
Database Manager
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Sr. Manager Technical Requirements Group
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Testers, Technical Requirements Group
Customer Support Leads
CS/QA Special Thanks


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Legal Administrative Assistant

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Director of Creative Services
Creative Services Assistant Manager
Packaging Design and Manual Design
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Head of Publishing Services
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PR Manager UK/ROE
European Operations Manager
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Localisation Testers
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