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Bet on Soldier: Blood of Sahara

aka: B.o.S: Blood of Sahara

Windows credits (2006)

47 People (38 developers, 9 thanks)



Bet on Soldier

Lead Programmer
Lead Artist
Game Designer
Concept 3D Engine
Other Programmer
Special Thanks to
Game / Level Designers
Integration / Script
Additional Multiplayer Level Design
2D Design Artists
3D Artists
Other 3D Artists
Other Animator
Artistic Design - Computer Graphics
Production Assistant
Motion Capture
  • Atopos
Trailer and Music for BoS
Film Music
Sound Effects
  • DuneSound Studio
Casting and Post-Production of the original version's voices
French Voices
German Version Recorded at
  • 4-Real Studios
Kylotonn's Special Thanks go to
  • The whole team at Frogster Interactive Pictures for its engagement in the project
Thanks to
  • Frogster Interactive Pictures

Blood of Sahara: Stand Alone Add-on of Bet on Soldier

Blood of Sahara

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