SimCity 2000: CD Collection

aka: SimCity 2000: Edição Especial, SimCity 2000: La Collection, SimCity 2000: Special Edition
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Not only did we have to make sure we thanked everyone who wrote SimCity 2000 and the Urban Renewal Kit, we also have a bunch more new people who worked on the Special Edition.
  • It just wouldn't be fair to not mention them.
Additional Producing/Smacking/Audio/Visual munging
Additional Excellent Programming
Additionally Writing
Additionally Editing
Additional Marketing
Additional Graphic Artwork (including the killer CD artwork!)
Maxis/SimCity 2000 Intro Music
Maxis/SimCity 2000 Intro Video
Willvis Interview Digitization
  • Townsend Street Productions
Video Playback
  • RAD's Smacker Video Technology [Thanks Jeff!]
Extra Video Tweaking
Lead Testing
Additional Scenario Cities Created By
Scenarios Created by
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Average score: 81% (based on 4 ratings)


Average score: 4.6 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings with 1 reviews)

No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't enjoy it

The Good
There are lots of new features to include in your city including hospitals, police stations etc which make your city look much more like one in the real world. Also with this special addition you get the disaster scenarios and the urban renewal kit which I think was a good idea.

The Bad
To be quite honest I was expecting a lot from this game but I was very disappointed. I bought this game in 1998 and the graphics were looking out of date then and compared to today's computer games they look awful. In the manual there is a section about dealing with heavy traffic. There is no such thing in this game because the traffic in the city is represented by blue blobs! The urban renewal kit was a good idea but it was quite difficult to use. I just couldn't get my buildings to look like the ones included with SimCity 2000. As a result of this, I gave up using the renewal kit along time ago.

The Bottom Line
This game could have been a lot better. The idea of including the urban renewal kit and disaster scenarios was a good idea but the renewal kit was hard to use and I think the disaster scenarios were pointless. Who wants to see their city destroyed by a hostile aliens or an uncontrollable fire? Today the graphics look very dated and as a result I no longer play the game.

Windows 3.x · by James Walter (272) · 2001


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Not all platforms are the same

Assuming that the Electronic Arts Collector release is standard then there are differences between the DOS, WIN3.x and Windows installations.;* The DOS install does not have any extras or goodies for the player * The WIN 3.x install comes with demo versions of SimTown, SimTower, Widget Workshop and Marty and The Trouble with Cheese, these are on the CD in a folder marked Goodies and have to be installed separately. * The Windows installation has a 'Goodies' option on the main menu, this opens a new window to the Goodies folder on the CD where there are Windows demo versions of SimTown and Widget Workshop, again these have to be installed separately

All three installations have 74 cities and 18 scenarios

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