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aka: Warship: A Tactical Game of Surface Combat in the Pacific, 1941-45
Moby ID: 2377

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Commodore 64 credits (1986)

20 people with 24 credits.

Game Design Gary Grigsby
Programming Gary Grigsby
Game Development Joel Billings
Historical Research Michael Musser, Allyn Nevitt
Graphics System Keith Brors
Playtesting Michael Musser, Tom Cheche, Jefferson Guy, Arlon Harris, John R. Gray, Russ Smith, Bill Thompson, George Kucera, Keith Brors, Jim McPherson
Customized Disk Operating System (Apple Version) Roland Gustafsson
Art & Graphic Design Louis Hsu Saekow, David Boudreau, Kathryn J. Lee, Ben Willemsen
Typesetting Abra Type, Kathryn J. Lee
Printing A&a Printers and Lithographers
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