C64 port

John Romero worked on the C64 port of 2400 A.D. in 1987-1988 until ORIGIN Systems, Inc. canceled it due to poor sales of the Apple II version. Romero left Origin in June of 1988. The Commodore 64 port was once again resurrected and Ocean Software programmer Allan Shortt worked on the port, but due to communication problems, it was shelved once again at 85% complete.


In addition to a large fold out city map, the game was packaged with a set of three lead figures. All three depict heavily armed robot soldiers and were cast by Grenadier Miniatures (two in 1984 and one in 1987).


Chuck Bueche developed a sequel titled 2500 A.D., but it was halted in development because of poor sales of the first game.

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