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Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game

aka: BS4, Baphomets Fluch: Der Engel des Todes, Broken Sword 4, Broken Sword: Anioł Śmierci, Broken Sword: El Ángel de la Muerte, Broken Sword: L'Angelo della Morte, Broken Sword: The Angel of Death, Les Chevaliers De Baphomet: Les Gardiens du Temple de Salomon

Windows credits (2006)

194 People (173 developers, 21 thanks)

Revolution Software

Story Writers
Script Writer
Game Design
Additional Design
Business Affairs

Sumo Digital Ltd.

Script Writers
Game Design
Level Implementation
Lead Programmer
Additional Programming
Technical Manager
Engine Programmers
Lead Artist
Additional Artwork
Additional Animation
2D Artists
Concept, Visualisation and Storyboarding
Additional modeling and animation
  • Nikitova LLC
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Technical Director
Creative Director
Audio supplied by
  • Media Mill
Audio director
Sound Effects
Music Composer
"Mafia Theme" Soprano Voice
Slide Guitar
Music for the Black Cat Club
Additional Music written and performed by
  • Ubernoise
Voice Director
Voice Actors
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Quality Assurance Testing
Special thanks to

THQ Inc. Product Development

Project Managers
Development Director, Europe
Art Director, Europe
Creative Director, Europe
Head of Product Development, Europe

THQ Inc.

Ex. VP Worldwide Studios
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Publishing
President and CEO
Senior VP, Worldwide Marketing
VP, Communications

THQ International

SVP European Publishing
Director Global Brand Management
Senior Global Brand Manager
Assistant Global Brand Mnaager
Global PR Manager
UK Marketing Manager
UK PR Manager
Product Manager, Germany
Head of PR, Germany
Product Manager, Spain
PR Manager, Spain
Product Manager, Asia Pacific
PR & Promotions Coordinator, Asia Pacific
Senior Product Manager, France
PR Manager, France
Marketing Manager, Benelux
International Art Director
Manual Design
DTP Operator (ICS)
Sr. Global Localization Manager
Localization Supervisor
European Localization Director
European Localization Engineer
Director, Quality Assurance
QA Managers
Test Supervisor
Test Lead
PC Supervisor
QA Technicians
Mastering Lab Technicians
Remastering Project Manager
Database Administrator
Game Evaluation Team
Human Factors Design Specialist
QA Operations Coordinator
Special Thanks

Babel Media Limited

Quality Assurance
  • Babel Media
Technical Quality Assurance
Thanks to
  • Philips amBX
  • RAD Game Tools
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Alias Systems
  • NVIDIA Corporation
  • ATI Technologies Inc.

The Adventure Company

Production Assistant
Executive Producer
Global Product Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Art Director
Lead Illustrator
Graphic Designers
PR Coordinator
Director of Global Marketing
QA Lead
QA Manager
Legal Affairs
Vice President
VP Marketing

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