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A city torn apart by numerous gang wars is in a volatile state and normal everyday people get caught in the middle. You would have been a victim of the chaos on the streets, had it not been for Julius, the leader of the 3rd Street Saints, you’d have just been another statistic. Julius invites you to join them and unite the city under the 3rd Street Saints. With little doubt the rest of the feuding gangs will bring the city to its knees, you join him. However, you quickly realize that the major three gangs, the Westside Rollerz, Vice Kings, and Los Carnales aren't going to be easy to uproot at all.

Saints Row is an open world driving and action game similar to Grand Theft Auto series. In the beginning of the game the player can customize the physical characteristics of the protagonist. The player then proceeds to do missions against any of the game's three gangs to advance the overall story, perform activities that range from stealing prostitutes to committing insurance fraud or becoming a hitman, or simply roam the city freely.

Fighting opposing gangs occupies the largest portion of the game. The Westside Rollerz are lead by Joseph Price and specialize in street racing and anything to do with cars; the Vice Kings are lead by the entrepreneur Benjamin King and are into prostitution, retail, and recording studios; Los Carnales are lead by Hector 'Kimo' Lopez and specialize in drug trafficking. The player character can get help from his gang members, who can provide backup in fights. Cars can be upgraded with body and performance enhancing kits. The game also features twelve radio stations to listen to.

It is possible to play with up to twelve people online in either co-op, deathmatch, team deathmatch, Big ass Chains (a mode where chains are collected by killing players for points), Protect the Pimp (where one team has a pimp and must keep him from getting killed by the other team), and Blinged Out Ride (where each team must collect chains to bling out their ride several times).

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Julius Little
Johnny Gat
Benjamin King
Anthony Green
Warren Williams
Tanya Winters
Hector Lopez
Luz Avalog
Victor Rodriguez
Manuel Orejuela
William Sharp
Marshall Winslow
Alderman Hughes
Stillwater's Residents
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Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 29 ratings with 1 reviews)

Who you calling a clone, fool?

The Good
At first glance, you can be forgiven for labeling this a GTA clone, or rip off, if your so inclined. But to so would be at your own peril, because, whilst the foundation is similar GTA San Andreas, above that it takes what GTA:SA did so well and base a new and original game that stands uniquely separate from the series which the the obvious comparisons come from. Especially when its released at a time when there was no GTA for the 360 or PS3 to be seen.

It is at is point it parts ways with GTA with a complete lack of seriousness. All you need to do is look at the crew of gangsters that you'll be taking over stilwater with, and the banter that occurs between them. Johnny Gat alone could probably spawn his own internet show (are you reading this, Volition?). And you have to give credit to Volition here for getting a cast of actor's, that include the likes of Michael Clarke Duncan, Keith David and the late David Carradine, to bring the characters to life. And boy do they do a good job of it! The story might only be satisfactory at best, but at least it play's to the lack of any real seriousness and allows you to just go around creating random mayhem at your own leisure, whether it be on foot in an array of different clothes variations that can be brought or on in your customized pimp wagon, having a laugh casually causing mayhem where ever you go.

And unlike the protaganist's of GTA, you can customise your outlaw's physical appearance anyway you want, then further personalize them with an array of clothes you can buy from any good retailer in stillwater. The same can be said for your cars that can be stolen from anywhere in town. Just simply find a car that you like the look of and hijack it, loving or otherwise. Then just take it to a garage, select you paint job, pay the price and hey presto!, as long as you remember to park it in one of your garages first.

You'll probably need a few of those car's as well, as stillwater is a sizable place, and there is plenty to do across the length and breadth of it, whether it's taking out any of the 3 main gangs, protecting drug dealers, car races, hitman jobs or hijacking car's for chop shop's.

The Bad
To be honest, there isn't too much to criticize about Saints Row that i can find. The most significant glitch is the one that causes the highway to disappear beneath you car. You still travel along it, it just unintended, and is actually quit amusing!

The Bottom Line
If you like GTA-esque games with comedy, this sandbox gem is definitely worth a look.

Xbox 360 · by Starbuck the Third (22643) · 2010


Cancelled Playstation 3 version

On January 31, 2007 THQ announced plans to port the game over to PlayStation 3 but on May 05, 2007 THQ's CFO Edward Zinser announced the cancellation of the port in a conference call with analysts, in order to shift focus onto the upcoming Saints Row 2.

German version

A censored version for the German market, internally called "Saints Row BRD" (BRD = Federal Republic of Germany), has the following "features":* "Mayhem" and "Hitman" activities (both condoned violence against either law enforcement or innocents) have been removed. * Corpses disappear almost instantly * Less blood

Some achievements have been changed to reflect the missing activities.


The game's title was originally Saint's Row and where to place the apostrophe was actually a bit of a debate. Saints' Row was favored by the resident English majors while Saint's Row was the preferred form by most everyone else. The final version without the apostrophe was chosen because no one respects proper grammar anymore or quite simply because the apostrophe made the title look ugly on the box.

Information also contributed by Boris S, David Cobb, havoc of smeg, and Sicarius

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