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Caesar IV

aka: Cezar IV

Windows credits (2006)

218 People (169 developers, 49 thanks)

Tilted Mill Entertainment

Lead Designer
Lead Programmer
Senior Designer
Lead 3D Artist
Lead UI Artist
Development Support
Quality Assurance Manager
Lead Tester
Associate Producer
Sound Designer
Video Engineer
Sound Effects
Audio Production
Additional Art
Quality Assurance
Additional Design
Legal Counsel
Voice Actors
Titled Mill Special Thanks
Additional Testing

Sierra Entertainment - Production

Executive Vice President
COO of Product Development
Senior Vice President of Production
Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Technical Director

Sierra Entertainment - Marketing

Vice President Brand Marketing
Vice President World Wide Marketing
Brand Marketing, North America
Global Brand Manager
Global Brand Coordination Manager
Associate Brand Marketing, North America
Senior Manager, Consumer Promotions
Associate Manager, Consumer Promotions
Promotions & In-game Specialist
Trade Marketing Manager
Trade Marketing Specialist

Sierra Entertainment - Public Relations

Senior Global PR Manager
PR Liaisons
  • Kohnke Communications

Sierra Entertainment - Consumer Research

Senior Research Analyst

Sierra Entertainment - Creative Services

VP Creative Services
Creative Director
Creative Manager
Account Supervisor
Graphic Designer

Sierra Entertainment - Legal

Vice President, Legal Affairs
Corporate Counsel
Senior Paralegal

Sierra Entertainment - Media Productions

Vice President Video Services
Production Manager
Screenshot & Video Capture
Intro & Ending Movie Post Production

Sierra Entertainment - Quality Assurance

V.P. of Studio Operations
Studio Support Services
Studio Support Services Administration Assistant
Senior QA Manager, TRG, VUPC, CRG
Senior QA Manager, Tester Resources
QA Supervisors
QA Manager
QA Project Lead
QA Test Team
Additional Testing
Manual and Documentation
Manual Images
Compatibility Requirements Group Supervisor
Compatibility Requirements Group Engineers
Burn Lab Supervisors
Burn Lab Configuration Engineers
IT Network/EUS Supervisor
IT EUS Technicians
Project Leads VUPC Group
Senior Engineer VUPC Group
QA Tools Programmer

Sierra Entertainment - Localization

Localization Manager
Senior Project Manager
Project Manager

Sierra Entertainment - Thanks

Titled Mill Special Thanks
Additional Thanks
  • All of the friends/family/coworkers that joined us as we undertook this bold new journey
  • Hedonist-Bot
  • Spicy Yellow Chicken Curry
  • KR2 Staff
  • Lost Penny
  • Rade
  • Adam
  • Dave and Greg
  • 50 COINS!
  • and if we forgot anyone from the list please know that we're thinking about you.

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