Mr. Bones

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I've never seen such cute skeletons!

The Good
A lot of good things.

I love such kind of game - platform action, arcade action. But why is this better than most other such games? Because each level is different. You can't expect what is coming next.

In every level, you first have to understand what the goal is. It's different in every level. For example, in one of the levels you should reflect very fast red shots with your guitar to shoot a wall. But if you shoot too fast, you might build a part of wall instead of destroying it! I was the one who beat this level. My husband didn't expect that!

Guitar solo is also very fun. I'm sure Mr. Bones is a good musician. Just like my husband. Mr. Bones has to play a good solo on the guitar, pressing different buttons. If you don't know how to do that, ask for help from Lawrence Ku!

In another level, the vortex, you are falling into a black hole, you should jump into the middle, avoiding fire and collecting your bones; when you have your legs, it becomes more difficult, because you become longer, and the fire can get to you more easily.

Or, in one level you fight a skeleton dragon! You should jump on his head and then onto another place. I had to find the best place to stand near the dragon to jump on his head.

Generally speaking, when you are hurt, you lose not only health, but also bones! When you jump again, your bones can fall down. Sometimes it's annoying, because when you have low health and you want to jump high, but you only have head! Or sometimes you are looking for bones, but find wrong bones! In one level I always found wrong legs.

The music here is blues! The guitar solos are really good. There are also drum solos. Even if you don't understand music much, you can complete your dream in this game! Play guitar solo and drum solo.

The graphics are amazing for that time. There are also real actors. Like the bad guy, he looks really evil, with the red eyes. He looks a little bit like a jazz drummer I know. And he really plays drums in the game! Maybe it's him?.. Hard to recognize with those vampire teeth. Maybe he left Shanghai for two years to do the animation for this game?..

The Bad
Some of the levels are 3D, it's like a movie, but you have control. It's hard to see where you go. In one of the levels you have to eat blue things, but it's really hard to see where they are.

And not all the levels are so interesting. In one of the levels there are bats who take your bones away. I think it was pretty boring. Or in another level, you fly through church glass. I didn't like this level.

The Bottom Line
I really recommend this game, it's interesting, and the action is every time different. A great fight between a guitarist and a drummer!

SEGA Saturn · by Melody (48) · 2008

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