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Mega lo Mania

aka: Mega lo Mania: Jikū Daisenryaku, Tyrants: Fight Through Time

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First you choose one out of four different characters to represent you, Scarlet (red army), Oberon (yellow army), Caesar (green army), or Madcap (blue army). The game is split into 10 levels - the first 9 are groups of 3 territories which can be completed in any order, while the final 'Mother of All Battles' has its own surprises.

Land is mostly of sand, grass or ice. You start with 100 men and you can use whatever quantity you find necessary on each island. The rest men left will go to another level with another new 100. In the second half of the game you can freeze men to save them for the Mother of All Battles.

Once you select your island and place for your HQ, you must do some research for better weapons and defences. On the roof of your buildings you can put protectors like archers, gunmen, boiling oil men, and later on even laser turrets. If you send a team of unarmed men into an unoccupied square, they will build an additional base there, with larger armies completing this more quickly.

Later on higher levels, you'll also build mines and factories, as you'll need to dig a certain material for higher level weapons, depending on whether the area you're on is rich with a certain material or not. With each next level, you'll start from a higher technology level and be able to progress to one higher level up than at the previous level.

If there is more than just one enemy, you can make an alliance until you crush the other one - three of you can form an alliance against fourth enemy. For what its worth, a certain numeric level of defence is always stronger from the same level of attacker, and men that are not armed (conscripts) can only kill enemy soldiers, not destroy or attack enemy fort.

The main thing as always in strategy games is to be the sole survivor and lead your men to victory, experimenting on vicious technologies, equipping your men, making perfect soldiers out of them, produce shields, weapons, planes... to dominate the world and crush your opponents.

You can do the battling only in a certain quadrant, but don't be long as your men will automatically start building the fort, and it will be at the bottom of age level and you'll need to invent everything for that one again.


  • Megalomania - Normalised spelling
  • メガロマニア -時空大戦略- - Japanese SNES spelling



Credits (Amiga version)

11 People

Designed and Directed by
Programmed by
Title Graphics
Title Music
  • John Green (as Oberon, Caesar, Madcap, Sergeant Major, Home Guard and Laboratory Professor)
  • Anna Bentink (as Scarlet, Factory Girl and Receptionist)
  • James O'Donnell (as Head of Pit and Doctor Technology)
Additional Design
Additional Programming
Additional Graphics



1001 Video Games

Mega lo Mania appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Cancelled sequels

Plans were made for a 'data disk' with new missions for April/May 1992, and a sequel, Mega lo Mania 2 at end of 1992. Subsequently, neither releases never appeared.


Amiga Format in January 1992 ran a competition whereby two lucky winners could have their face and voices digitized as villains in forthcoming "Mega-lo-Mania" data disks. Other prizes were a copy of the game, a T-shirt or mug. In humorous Amiga Format-style entry forms were addressed to 'Dressing Room Mirrorsoft Compo'.

Cut content

The original recordings for the game had Madcap saying, "No way, shithead!". This was trimmed for the game to just, "No way!", although the original files were still stored on the disks.

Information also contributed by Garcia

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