Acid Attack

aka: A giant blockbuster amiga compilation
Moby ID: 24703


A fast paced polygon shoot-em-up featuring state of the art 3D graphics set in the far future.

The action takes place in a rapidly shrinking universe only a few light years in diameter, spread

across 10 planets. endless supply of violence, mayhem and destruction!

One of the meanest toughest games you'll ever play!!


**At the start, leave your mark, drift and slide then crash or collide, fly down the straight

but don't come late, just take the lead and do the deed, 'cos you're a SkidMarks Racer!

SKIDMARKS** offers a new advance in racing action. Twelve huge isometrically scrolling tracks.

Corners generated by quadratic B-Splines, contouring generated by custom designed software. Four

vehicles each with 800 frames ray-traced in Imagine. Models include Porsche, Camero, Monster

Truck and Dirt Buggy. 4 different computer driving teams to race against the infamous Bad Acids.

The racingest, chasingest multi-player racing game ever!


Forget the hype...

Sure, Gloom features the hottest ‘you are there’ 3D graphics around - the most

disturbingly realistic sound effects - the hugest army of bizarre and bloodthirsty creatures yet

assembled on one game.

But none of that really matters when a game is this much sheer fun to play!

  • Stunning 3-D graphics place you ‘in the game’.
  • Over 20 levels of non-stop shoot-em-up mayhem.
  • 2-player split screen. Null Modem & Modem Play.
  • Fully hard drive installable on Amigas with over 2MB ram.
  • Full or part screen option.

Boom! Gloom hits your sensors like a cyclone!


Back of Box - Amiga (United Kingdom)

Contributed by Patrick Bregger.

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