Mach 3

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Kill all the enemies, avoid the mines, and travel between distinct worlds to kill the evil mastermind in this behind-the-hero view shooter.


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Average score: 3.0 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings with 2 reviews)

False advertizing but good fun!

The Good
This game first caught my attention back in the 80s with the very busty female character on the manual cover art and the title screen. In fact, I 'relieved' myself countless times to her image as a teenager. Alas, she has absolutely zero to do with the game and does not appear anywhere else. Gameplay was exciting & the use of digitized voice floored me.

The Bad
False advertising! The female character on the screen does not appear in the game, whatsoever! This game did develop in me a taste for very well-endowed white women, so it's worth it.

The Bottom Line
An adrenalin-pumper of a game with great sounds, music & graphics for its time. Frenzied-paced shooter. Even better artwork!

DOS · by Andrew Mc (1) · 2015

Just plain incredible.

The Good
Well, for one, the music! Ayyee! Now THAT'S oldskool. The music was, in fact, so revered that one of the best PC demogroups of the early '90s, Ultra Force, made a Sound Blaster player for it.

The game was way ahead of its time: smooth gameplay, great graphics and sound effects, not to mention hours of gameplay on my miserable 8088!...

The Bad
Not a thing.

The Bottom Line
Play it. What are you waiting for?

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4539) · 1999



Mach 3, along with later Turbo Cup and Disc from the same developers utilized an early in-house music tracker technology, which let them compose soundtrack comprised of digital samples that took up little space, unlike a continuous recording. Most of the popular 'tracker' software didn't get much use until 1990 or later, and the earliest examples of in-game usage was also in 1987 in Amegas. What's even more impressive is that the DOS release used a PC-speaker to play the tracker music and samples. Ultra Force put out a Mach 3 audio player around 1991, which could play all digitized sound from the game.


The game bears some resemblance to the arcade laserdisc game M.A.C.H. 3, but the two are unrelated.

Information also contributed by Tomer Gabel

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