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Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

aka: H╬╗lf-Life┬▓: Lost Coast


Lost Coast is an add-on for the original Half-Life 2. Originally slated as a part of Highway 17 chapter of the game, it was left out, reworked and released separately. Although it is essentially only a single level and not part of the main storyline, it contains minor storyline details.

The levels starts when Gordon Freeman wakes up after falling down. He is greeted by a man referenced as The Fisherman on a dock. He opens a gate and tells Gordon the St. Olga church has been taken over by the Combine. They use it as an outpost to launch headcrab rockets onto a nearby town. Your task is to infiltrate the church, take out the launcher, and dispose of all resistance.

Valve also used Lost Coast as a playable tech demo to showcase the Source engine's HDR lightning (high dynamic range lighting). It includes an optional commentary track as well. While playing, you can activate commentary nodes shown as speech bubbles. The enemy AI is then temporarily disabled and you can listen to the developers discuss certain challenges and choices for that part of the level.

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Audio commentary

Activating a special options through the options gives you the ability to hear a in-game commentary spoken by Gabe Newell, managing director at Valve Corporation. He talks about all the behind-the-scenes in the game.

Stress Test

Remember not to play the Stress Test placed on the main menu before having finished the entire game! It spoils the whole passages and sections in few minutes.

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