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One of three promotional titles from all participating Burger King restaurants with purchase of a value meal.

In one of the most unusual presentations ever, Sneak King is a stealth adventure game where players slip behind the mask of "The King", Burger King's mascot. The objective is to sneak up on famished people and present them with tasty Burger King Hamburgers before they pass out from hunger.

Throughout 20 missions and four different environments: saw mill, cul de sac, construction zone, and a downtown area, The King can use the environments to keep the element of surprise by hiding in garbage cans and other similar areas. If the person sees you while you are trying to deliver food, they'll lose their appetite.

Each time you successfully deliver food, you're treated to a little dance from The King and a cheer of appreciation from the recipient.

How many points the player receives depends on how The King delivers the food: How close you get to the person before handing off the food, people who are closer to fainting, making consecutive deliveries without being seen will start a chain multiplier, and filling a bar for a flourish bonus. The fuller the bar is, the more of a reward you'll get. The higher the flourish, the more involved The King's dance is. The last factor in scoring is whether you sneak up behind the person, or surprise them from a stationary position.

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sneak like a king

The Good
Advergames have been rather underused as a promotional tactic and this is the first time I'd seen this particular tac used to distribute them. You could buy there games at any Burger King. Sneak King was only $4, or, more accurately, $8 and came with French toast sticks.

The concept is simple. You are that creepy king from the Burger King ads. You have to sneak up on people and give them Burger King food. Once you do this, a meter starts to fill and you hit A with the meter as close to full as possible to get a flourish. By giving food to multiple people without being spotted, you can build a score multiplier and get big points.

It has a few good graphical touches, like some very nice textures. Look at the King's robe, for instance. Also, all the characters are unique. They have their own face and their own tasks to perform.

The Bad
As you might expect from a cheaply-made game like this, there are lots of glitches. Shadows are often cast in completely the wrong direction, cast through walls or don't connect to anyone's feet. The king's robe clips through his legs and sometimes the camera ends up inside the king, who is apparently hollow.

When you make a delivery, the camera angle can change abruptly, making it difficult to go the correct direction afterward. This is especially frustrating when it screws up a long chain.

This missions fall into a few very basic categories: don't let anyone pass out from hunger, perform a certain number of deliveries before time runs out and perform a particular level of flourish. Sometimes you aren't allowed to be spotted at all. In practice, even these work about the same as the entire game is walking up behind people, pressing A, then pressing A again and trying not to get spotted in between.

Each mission gives you a ranking, but doesn't tell you how much better you have to do to get the next ranking up. This can be a big pain if you spend a lot of time trying to get a perfect run, then realize it was unnecessary.

The Bottom Line
The game is much like the French toast sticks, edible and not exactly bad, but not comparable to what you could get with a bit more money. The game does deserve some points for a relatively original concept, but is very limited and things like getting spotted 18 minutes into a 20 minute run because the camera shifted and made you run the wrong direction kill a lot of the fun.

Xbox 360 · by Ace of Sevens (4400) · 2009

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