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Blair Witch: Volume I - Rustin Parr

aka: A Bruxa de Blair: Volume 1 - Rustin Parr, Blair Witch: Czesc Pierwsza - Rustin Parr
Moby ID: 2521

Windows credits (2000)

104 people (98 professional roles, 6 thanks) with 126 credits.

Cast Regan Adair (as Hunter), Jimmy Ambrose (as Kyle Brody), Dameon J. Clarke (as Khen, Editor and Hale Cooper), Pam Dougherty (as Robin Weaver and Secretary), Candace Evans (as Doc Holliday and Svetlana), Sean Hedigan (as Deputy, Asgya and General Biggs), Kara Jenkins (as Mary Brown), Dennis Johnson (as Carved Man), Lynn Mathis (as Stranger), Ali Prigmore (as Emily), Lee Richey (as Shopkeeper), Lynne Rutherford (as Schoolmarm and Just me), Ric Spiegel (as Sheriff and Colonel Hapscomb), Randy Tolman (as Pastor and Innkeeper), Harmyn Tyler (as Gretchen)
Lead Programmer Mark Randel
Programmers Fletcher Dunn, Jeff Mills
Executive Producer Jeff Mills
Characters Chris DeSimone, Nathan Reinhardt, Joe Wampole
Cinematographer Peter Besson
Game Design Joe Wampole
Scripting Clint Biggs, Jeff Mills
Audio Engineer Kyle Richards
Music Kyle Richards
Sound Effects Kyle Richards
Screenplay Peter Besson, William Haskins, Jeff Mills, Joe Wampole
Sets Chris DeSimone, Dennis Johnson, Jeff Mills, Michael Porter
Dialog Editor Paul Eckstein
Dialog Coach Drew Haworth
Additional Art Rick Felice, Grant Gosler
Additional Programming Allen Bogue, Matthew Bogue, Robert Minnis
PR Director Drew Haworth
Biz Brett Combs
Quality Assurance Manager Brett Evan Russell
Test Lead Tatum Tippett
Beta Testers Patrick Doran, Ryan Gutknecht, Michael Hermes, Melanie Hines, Anthony Jones, Chris Kaga, Ally Kates, James Rawlinson, Jason Sussman, Tim Tischler, Brad Jones
Haxan Robin Cowie, Michael Monello, Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
Gathering of Developers Karry Miller, Binu Philip
TSI Communications Joe Anci, Matt Burton, Lori Mezoff, Andrea Schneider
Special Thanks Donna Baker, Dennis Furlow, Asenath Williamson, Shaker Woodworks and Antiques
Extra Special Thanks Tricia Harris, The administrators and fans at the official Spookhouse website at www.3dactionplanet.com/spookhouse/
Marketing Director Drew Haworth
User manual and all packaging elements designed by Head First

Gathering of Developers

Licensing Mike Wilson
PR Mike Wilson, Lori Mezoff, Andrea Schneider, Jeff Smith, David Eddings
International Partnering Harry Miller
Marketing Jim Bloom, Mike Wilson, Devin Winterbottom, Jennymarie Jemison, Toni DeValdenebro
Sales David Gershik
Audio/Visual Production Doug Myres
Checkwriter Rick Stults
Operations Terry Nagy
Manufacturing Terry Nagy
Writer William Haskins
Online Support Jordan Allen, Scott Dudley, Scott Farrell, Dave Cash, Bill Nadalini
QA Rich Vos
Tech Support Rich Vos
Administrative Joanna Carr-Brown, Shane Love, Jerrod Lai
Testers Jason Birdwell, Shane Love, Jerrod Lai

Take 2 Interactive Great Britain

Producer Michael Wenn
Lead Producer Darren Anderson
Brand Manager Emma Rush
Marketing Manager Rachel England-Brassy
PR-Manager Manab Roy
International Marketing Manager Sarah Seaby
Production Co-Ordinator Chris Madgwick
Production Manager Jon Broadbridge

Tarantula Studios

QA Supervisor Mark Lloyd
Lead Tester Andrew Mason
Testers Julian Turner, Chris Brown, Robert Dunkin

Take 2 Interactive Germany

Marketing Matthias Wehner
PR Specialized Press Jochen Färber, Alexander Harlander
PR Consumer Press Bond PR
Localisation 4 Real Intermedia
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