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The Immortal

aka: Wizard of the Immortal

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Your old mentor Mordamir has disappeared - probably kidnapped. You're not too sure where he might be, but a dungeon is always a good place to look, so you seek out the nearest one and plunge into its depths. Beware: eight levels of traps and deadly enemies await.

The Immortal is an isometric game with puzzle-solving and action combat. Progress is made by encountering a hazard, dying, solving the problem, encountering the next hazard. To solve a level, you have to know its traps and their patterns by heart. The puzzles range from simple avoidance of traps to the correct use of items; you collect objects in an inventory. Every now and then, the game offers a special challenge. For example, you've got to ride a magic carpet through a hallway full of fire traps, or ride a barrel on an underground river.

The dungeon isn't empty: some friendly characters may have valuable information or trade items, the nasty sort of guys will attack. Combat is fought man-to-man - on the main game map in the original versions; on a special screen in the console and PC ports. Your adversary indicates his next attack a few seconds before he executes it, so you've got time to react appropriately. You can dodge to the left or the right, as well as attack from these two directions. There is no save option in the game, but you may restart each level as often as you like. Levels can be skipped by entering passwords.


  • ウイザード オブ イモータル - Japanese spelling

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20 People



Amiga version

The Amiga version was a relatively-early 1Mb-only game, but there were plans to release a separate 512K version, which was finally scrapped in mid-1991.

Console conversions

This game was ported to both the Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis console systems. The NES version featured slightly lengthier dialog, simplified graphics with smaller character sprites, and both the title screen and the spider level were removed (to save space, and possibly because the titular "Immortal" was deemed "too disturbing"). The Sega Genesis version is, to my knowledge, completely faithful to the original computer release.

Both console versions feature a larger soundtrack and some more tunes than the computer version.


  • ST Format
    • January 1993 (issue #42) - #38 in '50 finest Atari ST games of all time' list

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