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Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror

aka: Mind Mirror
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Mind Mirror allows the performer to digitize (scope) any thought, compare it with other thoughts and compare thoughts with others, and to engage in simulation of various roles.

It can be considered a "party game", similar in concept to Scruples.



Credits (PC Booter version)

10 People (9 developers, 1 thanks)

Original Concept
Writing / Dialogue / Story
Product Manager
Art Director
Package Design
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Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 15 ratings with 1 reviews)

Play your way to enlightenment with Mind Mirror.

The Good
Mind Mirror allows the user to explore the way self concept and the conception of other selves emerges from the subjective mind. This exploration proceeds through rating/profiling of self and others and then through role-play interaction between the profiled self-concept and profiled others. Since you, the user, profile both yourself and the other role players, what emerges is a very focused insight into the subjective nature both of your self-concept and of your conception of other persons.

The Bad
Nothing bad - its all good.

The Bottom Line
You can go as deeply as you are able or willing to go, from parlor-game level to zen satori.

PC Booter · by Stephen Conte (2) · 2000



Timothy Leary's scientific career began with The Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality (1950), named the best book of the year by the American Psychological Association. The "Diagnostic Grid," the basis of this book, is the basis of this game.


A mind-movie version of William Gibson's epic novel Neuromancer was in development before the project was given to Interplay. The project used similar technology to Mind Mirror.

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