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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

aka: C&C:RA2, Command & Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot 2, Command & Conquer: Alerte Rouge 2
Moby ID: 2544

Windows Patches


v1.001 (364 KB) - fix to unlock buttons when changing lobbies in Westwood Online


v1.002 (1.1 MB) - bugfixes, introduced autosaves for each mission instead of using one file, Westwood Online tweaks


v1.003 (1.3 MB) - fix for Westwood Online connectivity in 3- and 4-player games


v1.004 (2.3 MB) - balance changes, unit tweaks, added Free For All in skirmish, observer mode, hotkey changes, Westwood Online improvements


v1.005 - bugfixes, online play fixes, NAT and firewall support, FinalAlert 2 (semi-official map editor) support


v1.006 (2.8 MB) - lobby fix

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