Justice League Heroes

aka: Heros De La Ligue Des Justiciers, La Liga de la Justicia Héroes
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Military robots cause havoc in a high tech Metropolis research facility. In Finland, genetically-engineered creatures take over the top secret Deep Space Communications Array. A team of super powered criminals, having never worked together before, seize a Nevada missile base. And deep beneath the surface of Mars, dozens of alien warriors are released from their long imprisonment…

These seemingly unrelated events prove to be pieces of a sinister plan, and it will take Earth’s greatest superheroes to stop it: The Justice League!

Justice League Heroes is an action game, also for two players cooperatively, based on the popular DC Comics series. Control DC’s most popular heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Zatanna and a handful of unlockable characters like Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Huntress, Hal Jordan, and Kyle Rayner. In addition, the PSP version features exclusive unlockable heroes: Supergirl and Black Canary.

Players battle through famous locations such as Metropolis, S.T.A.R. labs, and for the first time, the Justice League's Watchtower.

Many of DC’s greatest villains face against our heroes including Braniac, Killer Frost, Darkseid, and Doomsday. Boss battles are furious and unique, with no two defeated the same way.

Superpowers are developed through experience orbs collected from a wide range of enemies such as The White Martians, Brainiac’s assassin droids, and alternate-dimensional creatures. Some special orbs known as “boosts” can enhance superpowers. The boosts range from enhanced damage, efficiency, attack range, luck, speed, and super power duration. Multiple boosts can combine into a single, more powerful boost. Players can allocate their orbs and boosts to customize heroes to best suit their playing style.

Special shield icons placed throughout the game can be collected and spent to unlock characters and alternate costumes which affect the heroes' abilities as well their appearances.

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Finally A Good Justice League Game!

The Good
Anyone who has said that all games made from superheroes are always bad have as of late been forced to put there foot in their mouth with games like X-men Legends, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Spiderman 2, and Hulk Ultimate Destruction and now also Justice League Heroes.

In JLH you take command of the Justice League and is ran on the Snowblind Engine made famous by the Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance Franchise and plays out like it and X-Men Legends with experience gain from destroying foes and learning super powers, upgrading health, damage, and recovery and using boosts to increase speed, efficiency, range, luck, speed, and duration. The Heroes at your disposal are Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman plus 6 unlockable Heroes 2 different Green Lanterns, Aquaman, Hawk Girl, Green Arrow, and Huntress. With a total of 10 missions and around 45min.-1Hr. Per mission gives you around 10 hours of gameplay.

The game centers around a group of things strange happening to the planet soon you discover that Braniac is behind it and has assembled various villains to work his plan through like Queen Bee, The Key, Doomsday, and Killer Frost with some behind it all even controlling Brainiac.

I’ve heard people say that the graphics look dated but the visuals actually look pretty damn good for a game that uses an engine this old. The voice acting in this game is good not great some odd casting choices like Ron Perlman as Batman that just doesn’t seem right to me I think they should have gotten the voice actor from the show to do it. The fact that the environment is highly destructible make the fights more satisfying and realistic and the music does its job I also like how the team members talk to each other and has good humor in it.

The Bad
This game makes you for the first half of the game take certain heroes on the mission I personally think that in practice this is not that bad but I know people hate it the reason why its not that bad it lets you try the Heroes evenly and get a taste for them cause I know some people would use the same team every time (Superman and Batman all the way!).

The plot twists in this game are fairly predictable like you can see them a mile away and even though you can unlock different costumes it doesn’t appear as though you can switch between the different costumes which is a very poor choice on their part.

The game has a system like X-Men Legends where you can easily deactivate the other player but this game only supports 2 players versus X-Men Legends 4 Players this is probably due to the engine this game is also laughably easy with the ability to regenerate while idle and checkpoints can bring fallen characters back to life and stupid enemy A.I.

The Bottom Line
All in All this game is good and is one of the only good game based on the DC Comics trademark characters in the history of the world and is a good action RPG even if you’re not big comic fans(What’s Wrong With You?)and a good addition to your Xbox Library.

Xbox · by Classic Nigel (108) · 2007

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