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Zoo Tycoon 2: Zookeeper Collection

aka: Zoo Keeper 2: Coleção do Tratador, Zoo Tycoon 2: Directeurscollectie, Zoo Tycoon 2: Zoodirektor Sammlung

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V2.fi (84 out of 100)

Ikä ei paina Zookeeper Collectionia kohtuuttomasti, mutta jonkin verran kuitenkin. Graafinen ilme on parhaimmillaankin vain tyydyttävä, ja äänimaailma toistaa itseään. Hyvä puoli tässä on, että laitteistovaatimukset pysyvät alhaisina. Opetuspelinä Zoo Tycoon on vähän arveluttava, vaikka MS Encartaan pohjautuva tietokirjaominaisuus pientä lisäarvoa tuokin. Pelattavuudessakaan ei ole mitään vallankumouksellista, mutta jotenkin oman eläintarhan pariin tulee vain palattua. Suurin ansio Zoo Tycoonille on se, että sen tarjoama viihde ei rajaudu vain tiettyihin pelaajakuntiin. On hienoa nähdä, ettei pienin yhteinen nimittäjä tarkoita aina pelillistä torsoa.

May 11th, 2007 · Windows · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (7 out of 10)

The zoo was very good. I think my friends Chloe, Herbert, and Celica would like it a lot. Daddy said it was fun and interesting but he thought it could have been a bit funnier.

Dec 12th, 2006 · Windows · read review

Player Reviews

Awesome SIM
by Ethan Miller (12)

The Good
I really liked the animals. This set came with animals from African Adventure and Endangered Species so you automatically have double than the game alone. The animal AI is incredible. The interact really good with each other. Blue Fang certainly did their homework. The missions are fun and are a good challenge.

The Bad
Although the interaction is great, dangerous animals, if escaped from their incloser, will only attack adult men. They basically have no interaction with the kids and women (though this probably to keep and E rating). Also the visitors complain too much. You need like an arch every path, a bench every 10 ft, like 3 playgrounds, and like 4 food courts to keep them happy.

The Bottom Line
This is a fun game. Note my review is about the game in general, not specifically each expansion's features. I HIGHLY recommend The Zookeeper Collection. You get the original and two expansions, for a price that's lower than buying them all separate. Great deal and very fun to play!

Jun 29th, 2007 · Windows

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