Star Trek: Hidden Evil

aka: Star Trek: Der Aufstand, Star Trek: Insurrection
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Hidden Evil is a third-person action-adventure in the same style as Resident Evil, which means you move your character using the keyboard, environments consists of 3D polygon characters transposed onto 2D pre-rendered scenes, and gameplay consists of both puzzles and combat. Rather than focusing on intense, hardcore action or puzzles, the game was designed with more casual gamers in mind with fairly straightforward gameplay.

The game's story takes place shortly after the movie Star Trek: Insurrection. After the defeat of S'ona captain Ru'afo and the destruction of the Metaphasic Collector, the remaining S'ona agreed to peacefully co-exist with their Ba'ku breathren and establish a colony on the Immortality Planet. During the construction of the colony, S'ona and Ba'ku workers uncovered underground ruins belonging to a previously undiscovered ancient civilization. Captain Picard, known for his love of archeology, arrives along with android Commander Data to research the ruins.

You take the role of Ensign Sovok, a human raised by Vulcans. You are assigned to assist Captain Picard in his exploration of the ruins, which is a big break for you since you're aiming for a transfer to the prestigious Enterprise rather than your current assignment near the Ba'ku planet in the middle of nowhere.

However, the excavation of the ruins takes a turn for the worse when S'ona rebels seize control of the colony. Fired upon by the S'ona, Picard is teleported by an alien device to an ancient installation deep within the planet's core. While Data remains behind to deal with the S'ona, you are sent into the planet's core to retrieve Picard.

The "Hidden Evil" of the game comes into play when you encounter Xa'atal, last surviving member of the alien race. Xa'tal is an ancient scientist whose life has been sustained for all these years by the same Metaphasic Radiation which keeps the Ba'ku people eternally young. Although Xa'tal herself quickly befriends you, her tainted DNA contains the code for creating a deadly biological organism known as the Xenophore Seed.

The S'ona's Romulan benefactors led by Admiral Ratok teleport into the ancient city and kill Xa'tal to create the Xenophore Seed. It then becomes your task to rescue Picard and defeat the S'ona so you can pursue Ratok and stop him before he uses the Xenophore Seed and the horrific creatures it spawns to endanger the galaxy.

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Average score: 59% (based on 28 ratings)


Average score: 3.0 out of 5 (based on 12 ratings with 3 reviews)

Many Small Mistakes = One Big Mistake

The Good
Music : the music is of atmospheric and of a generally high standard, if a little repetitive.

Graphics : the pre-rendered 3D scenes are nicely done.

The Bad
Fixed perspective on each scene : sometimes you can't see that you're walking directly into danger.

One handed character? : your character can either use a weapon, a tricorder or press a button. i.e. you have to put your weapon away to activate some equipment. While being attacked by aliens. 'nuff said.

Repetitive areas : each area in the space station is almost identical. Realistic, some may say. But this is a game - gameplay is the primary concern.

Story : or rather, a very silly sci-fi plot and a script written by a 6-year-old in crayon on the inside of a Cornflakes packet. Most egregious moment: after having discovered the location of the space station, and even informing your captain of them, you then find yourself flying aimlessly around a nebula in search of said station. Suddenly your character calls out "There it is!", and your ship is directly in front of it. Handy, that.

Voice acting : Patrick Stewart tries, but you can tell his heart isn't in it. And with this script, why should it be? Brent Spiner does his usual. If there's any justice, whoever does the voice of the player character is now back shoveling fries in McDonalds (2005 note: he's not - he's now starring in "Jake 2.0")

Game depth : there isn't any. 2 hours or so should see this game finished, re-packages and returned to the vendor with a strongly worded letter.

The Bottom Line
This is an example of how low a publisher can go in pursuit of your money. There are no circumstances under which I can recommend this game to anyone, regardless of how much of a Trek fan you may be, or how casual a gamer you are.

The above opinions were compiled at the time I first completed the game in 2000. You may now find the game going cheap 2nd hand, or on sale - if it's less than a dollar, go for it - otherwise, you're being swindled.

Windows · by J. McCullagh (5) · 2005

A Half-Hearted Attempt by Presto Studios.

The Good
The story was actually pretty good, and the voice work was well done. The background scenes were well done and contributed to the game environment.

The game had some cool ideas. You could use the Tricorder to find out information. Some puzzles were challenging. The music was ok and the in game effects were kind of cool.

The Bad
The controls were terrible. You would constantly do the circle dance as you tried to run and turn at the same time. The invisible borders were truly difficult to find. It was nearly as bad as Nocturne. The controls left you helpless against some enemies as you auto aim.

The Bottom Line
Its a game that Trekkies MIGHT enjoy. Others, not so much.

Windows · by Scott Monster (985) · 2006

A good game worthy of the Star Trek name

The Good
This game is excellent. I liked how Ensign Sovok moves, and how the 3D in-game cutscenes fit into with the game. I also liked the voice acting. It was superb!!! There was never a moment when the speaker crackled. They actually got Patrick Stewart to do Captain Picard, which was good. And I liked the authentic character 3D models.

The Bad
I can't find anything that I didn't like, although I am still playing it.

The Bottom Line
Go out and BUY THIS GAME!!! I got mine for $8 in a DVD case. $8 is just a fraction of the price of a game such as Quake 3. GO AND BUY STAR TREK HIDDEN EVIL!!!

Windows · by James1 (240) · 2001


A version of this game was released in a DVD case for $9.95

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