Vampire Hunter D

PlayStation credits (1999)

55 people (53 professional roles, 2 thanks) with 57 credits.

Original Story
From the motion picture 'Vampire Hunter D' by
  • Vampire Hunter D Production Committee
The motion picture directed by
Based on Character Illustration by
Character Design
English Dialogue Recording by
  • Sky Quest Entertainment
Dialogue Direction by
English Translation by
Recorded at
  • The Post Office
Dialogue Recording and Editing Engineer
Production Design
Sound Designers
CG Movie Supervisor
CG Movie
Special Thanks to
  • Mad House
  • DOMO Corporation
Produce and Planned by
  • Fimlink International Inc.
Produced by
  • Sony Music Entertainment Japan Inc.
  • Nippon Broadcasting System Inc.
  • Sub Walkers Co. Ltd.
  • Softcapital Inc.
Produced and Developed by
  • Victor Interactive Software Inc.
Published by
  • Jaleco USA Inc.
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