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A hunting game that turned back the clock

The Good
This game was the first hunting game to have the hunter become the hunted. The dinosaurs are pretty neat, in having certain weak points. It also creates some suspense when hearing heavy footsteps that get louder, and louder until it's too late. Definitely a classic!

The Bad
The graphics aren't that great, but it is an old game. There is also that allosaurus that stalks the area and gets you at the worst possible moment (even when you aren't hunting him). Even though some weak points are okay, some (like T-rex's) are bogus. And some of the plant-eaters like stegosaurus and pachycephelosaurus that had defenses, don't attack in this game.

The Bottom Line
Carnivores was a great game that started a great series. Definitely worth playing. And is just an instant classic!

by Ethan Miller (10) on April 1st, 2007

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