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Mankind left Earth 80 years ago in order to build a life on the planet E.D.N. III. As the colony grew, humanity encountered The Akrids, a bug-like alien race that declared war on the humans for intruding on their territory. The humans didn't have any effective means to defend themselves and had to retreat from the planet. During the course of the retreat, a young man named Adam had his father killed by a Akrid named "Green Eye". Scientists soon discovered that the Akrids were a source of precious thermal energy, stored inside their bodies. This needed resource gave humanity an economical reason to fight back. On Earth, the Vital Suit was developed, a heavy weapon mech-like vehicle, Returning to E.D.N. III, Adam is among the many Vital Suit pilots, and seeks to avenge his father's death.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a 3rd-person shooter. Controlling Adam, the player makes war on the Akrid armies. Adam's main objective is to destroy Akrid hives, and ultimately defeat "Green Eye" but there will be several goals for him to complete along the way. Adam can hold two weapons and one type of grenade at the same time. In addition, Adam can find different Vital Suit upgrades to give himself new abilities. Since it's very cold on the planet, thermal energy is needed to survive and restores health energy. In order to get it, Adam can either activate Data Posts or destroy things that have it in them like exploding barrels or enemy Akrids. The thermal energy stored slowly decreases over time and needs constant replenishing.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition also features a multiplayer mode where players can go online and play in four different game-modes against up to 16 other players. Besides the usual Deathmatch and Team-deathmatch; there is "Station Control", where players try to find and activate data posts on the map and "Fugitive", where one player flees from all the rest killing opponents and waiting for the timer to count down.

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Metroid meets Turok on a frozen planet

The Good
The best way to describe action is like a combination between Turok and Metroid.

It's AI is dumb sometimes, but for the Achrid, it makes them no less smart than they should act. As for snow pirates, on occasion they will realistically take cover. But thats about it. And for some characters like Mechs (controlled by pilot), well they seem to be the smartest AI. Still the action is so intense, you don't really care. You just want to keep blasting and grinning.

Not being an XBOX 360 owner, it's the only PC game I have played using the awesome Havok engine. At first the demo didn't offer promising Performance and had strange graphics options, but the full game works and looks great.

The Bad
Multiplayer servers are very hard to find. I can't even create a map, and join! I have to "wait....." for someone to join for that to be possible. A problem I guess that occurs with most games both console and ported from console.

Performance can be laggy for even the better PC, but at least medium settings that are defaulted to most, still look pretty good. Im not picky about Anti-Aliasing and Antistropic Filtering, unless I'd be taking high resolution screenshots. So, if you can run good on medium your not missing to much of the full graphics anyway.

The Bottom Line
You could say I miss the simplicity of action gameplay for a console game compared to PC. That said, for those that dont agree about controls. You really just have to know how to configure controls for your own, or be an avid PC gamer to like it. I love how PC shooters usually have a more realistic combat feel, but something about this console shooter is very fun.

Now, kindly bring us Gears of War to the PC, thanks.

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In May 2008 the original game was re-released for the Xbox 360 and Windows with additional features as Lost Planet: Colonies.


According to publisher Capcom, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition has sold 1.6 million copies worldwide since its initial release (as of June 30, 2016).


Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is the first retail game to showcase DirectX 10 technology.

Information also contributed by Sciere

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