Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

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Metroid meets Turok on a frozen planet

The Good
The best way to describe action is like a combination between Turok and Metroid.

It's AI is dumb sometimes, but for the Achrid, it makes them no less smart than they should act. As for snow pirates, on occasion they will realistically take cover. But thats about it. And for some characters like Mechs (controlled by pilot), well they seem to be the smartest AI. Still the action is so intense, you don't really care. You just want to keep blasting and grinning.

Not being an XBOX 360 owner, it's the only PC game I have played using the awesome Havok engine. At first the demo didn't offer promising Performance and had strange graphics options, but the full game works and looks great.

The Bad
Multiplayer servers are very hard to find. I can't even create a map, and join! I have to "wait....." for someone to join for that to be possible. A problem I guess that occurs with most games both console and ported from console.

Performance can be laggy for even the better PC, but at least medium settings that are defaulted to most, still look pretty good. Im not picky about Anti-Aliasing and Antistropic Filtering, unless I'd be taking high resolution screenshots. So, if you can run good on medium your not missing to much of the full graphics anyway.

The Bottom Line
You could say I miss the simplicity of action gameplay for a console game compared to PC. That said, for those that dont agree about controls. You really just have to know how to configure controls for your own, or be an avid PC gamer to like it. I love how PC shooters usually have a more realistic combat feel, but something about this console shooter is very fun.

Now, kindly bring us Gears of War to the PC, thanks.

Windows · by IKNOWPCGAMES81 (5) · 2007

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