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Gunman Chronicles

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You are the leader of the Gunmen, the only few sources of law on the frontier. Five years ago the Xenome came, and the Gunmen only prevailed when the General sacrificed himself in a suicide attack.

The Xenome are back, bigger and deadlier than ever. Who is behind the Xenome infestation? Will you live long enough to find out?

Gunman Chronicles is a fully-fleshed out version of a Total Conversion what was for Quake, then Quake II, and finally Half-Life. It is a first-person shooter with lots of weapons and some rather creative level design and atmosphere.


  • 战栗抢手 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 73% (based on 34 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 34 ratings with 4 reviews)

Quite fun, actually!

The Good
I've never been much into the "modding" scene. Maybe I've been missing out, but being the Israeli low-bandwidth no-multiplayer gamer that I am, I could never justify downloading dozens of megabytes for more potential fun. Basically, mods never thrilled me.
They still don't. Gunman may technically be a mod, but (a) it's retail and (b) it's basically a completely new game from Half Life, so I've played it as such.

That being said, Gunman Chronicles is FUN. In essence, it is a typical no-frills first person shooter, no pretense. It gives you weapons, it gives you levels and it fills those levels with people and monsters you kill. For me, that's a major thumbs up - I hate pretentious games that presume to give you a whole new level of gameplay. On the other hand, I just love "anonymous" games that focus on gameplay instead of marketing, where story is just a bonus and sheer fun comes first.

Serious Sam was such a game. Gunman Chronicles is another. For me, where Max Payne failed, GC delivered. I first played and completed it today, in one 7-hour sitting. It's a short game, and it's fun! It has all the elements of a classic B grade action movie: lone surviving member of a military organization as the protagonist, evil ex-military freaks trying to take over the universe, genetic experiments gone bad, rampant computer AI... everything. And the beauty is, you get to shoot each and every one of these elements. That's gameplay!

Seriously though, Gunman Chronicles takes decent advantage of the Half Life engine. Graphics aren't stunning but are, for the most part, at least adequate (though slightly bland at first). Like a fellow reviewer mentioned, GC borrows Half Life's tendency to make you jump out of your seat when things crash around you spontaneously. GC features an actual story, which certainly isn't anything to call home about but is decent never-the-less.

With quite a few well-designed levels and overall sheer FUN FACTOR, GC is basically a very solid shooter.

The Bad
Graphics occasionally look really amateur, but I suppose that's to be expected from a mod. Like I said, they're adequate for the most part. Audio is mediocre at best.

The game is absolutely linear, but unlike Max Payne, here it is done with a certain finesse that doesn't frustrate. Also, seeing that most of the game takes place on a solitary moon or a base somewhere, the claustrophobia is actually atmospheric.

Also, the Rampant AI I mentioned is sometimes absolutely ridiculous, but personally I think it adds to its personality, with stupid sentences like "Hi, I'm the AI running this facility. And you are... DEAD!"

The Bottom Line
I'd say GC is an excellent game to play once or twice, enjoy it like it is, and just avoid approaching it with expectations in mind. If you love mindless shooters, you'll enjoy it.

Windows · by Tomer Gabel (4539) · 2001

Why does everybody hate this so much just because it has gone retail?

The Good
There are really some nice landscapes in the game and the weapons have any kinds of firing modes

The Bad
Some sound effect are just like in Half-Life a bit crummy. This is nothing against Half-Life of course. AI could have been better

The Bottom Line
Well first of all this should have been a free TC for download, but that's not a reason to hate it. I thinks it's pretty good, only if it had some improvements like the sound and AI for example, then it could have been much better.

Windows · by Goteki45 (323) · 2001

A total conversion of Half-Life gone retail.

The Good
Gunman Chronicles is basically one of the various fan made mods which uses the Half-Life engine and in turn it takes advantage of it's powerful scripting abilities. Although Gunman Chronicles is not as long as Half-Life and it's environments aren't as varied, it retains that same feeling of suspence the Black Mesa facilities embodied. You'll never know when the floor will give away or the ceiling will collapse and it's surprising that more FPS games haven't taken advantage of such situations.

For the most part Gunman Chronicles is a mixed bag of sorts, many of it's textures are extremely clear and detailed, most of it's sound effects are of a high quality, the enemies are well animated, there's a lot of good level design, etc. but this isn't consistant throughout the entire game.

The Bad
Gunman's inconsistancy is it's biggest flaw and it really does end up feeling like a fan made game rather than a commercial one. The textures become too colorful and unrealistic, the sound effects become repetitive as do the enemies, the maps lose their charm and just seem bland, etc.

Also, Rewolf's premier title holds too many similarities to Half-Life. Being based on the same engine is one thing but using practically identical intro screen, intro sequences and SFX (and the list doesn't end here) just goes overboard for a commercial game.

The Bottom Line
Gunman Chronicles tries to introduce various new gameplay ideas but those quickly become cumbersome, instead of enhancing the game, leaving it as just another average entry in the crowded genre.

Windows · by Radoslaw Koncewicz (6) · 2001

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Gunman Chronicles was originally a Half-Life modification named Gunman, and a Quake II total conversion before that, and a Quake total conversion before that. The game's designers hail from all over the world. Most of them have never met each other before, but they still managed to make the game.

German version

In the German version there are a number of changes: * All humans were replaced with robots * All blood was coloured green * Killed civilians don't die but sit on the ground


The game is usually a standalone installation, but can also be played via Steam with a downloadable patch, which is around 59 megs in size. You have to use and own a legitimate copy of the game, of course.

Information also contributed by Foxhack and jeremy strope.

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