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Heart of Darkness

[ PlayStation ] [ Windows ]

PlayStation credits (1998)

151 People (125 developers, 26 thanks)

Original Story Idea
Game Screens
Map Design
Characters 3D Modeling
Background and Game Screens 3D Modeling
Lighting & Textures Directed by
Lighting & Textures Created by
3D Animations Directed by
3D Animations Cinematics & Characters
3D Backgrounds & Game Screens
2D Sprites
3D Sprites
Program Design by
Special Programming for Playstation
Game Engine, Libraries & Tools
Cinematic Tool, Movie Compression & Playback
"Sprite Animator" Tool & Playback
Level Coding
Monsters Engine
Monsters Logic
Sound Engine
Sound Tool
Shadow Tool & 3D Painter
Music Composer, Conductor and Producer
Music Supervising Editor
Music Assistant Editor
Music Recording Engineer
Music Assistant Engineer
Music Studio
  • CTS Wembley London
Music Fixer
Music Copyist
Sound Effects Designer
Sound Editor
Foley Artist
Foley Studio
  • Idenek Paris
Sinfonia of London
Sound Designer
Sound Engineer
Assistant Sound Engineers
Mixing Supervisor
Mixing Studio
  • Studio Mega Paris
Producer for Virgin UK
Producer for Virgin France
Producers for Infogrames
Executive Producer for Tantrum/Interplay
Producer for Tantrum/Interplay
Line Producer for Tantrum/Interplay
Amazing Studio Manager
English Voiceover Directors
Supporting Cast
QA for Infogrames Multimedia
QA Director Interplay
QA Manager Interplay
QA Project Supervisor Interplay
QA Testers Interplay
QA I.S. Manager Interplay
Senior I.S. Technician Interplay
I. S. Technicians Interplay
Packaging & Instruction Booklet
Traffic Manager
Thanks to
For Their Help
  • Creative Labs
  • Intel Corporation
  • DirectX Team

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