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Seconds Out

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Raze (58 out of 100)

[Budget re-release] Seconds Out, for example, is a boxing game. You view from behind your player, as popularised by Frank Bruno's Boxing. Which is okay till you discover how easy the game is to play, and why the five opponents aren't even worth £2.99. Visually, it's a disgrace, with appalling boxers' pictures, and aurally the game fails to reach any higher standard. But this price does make games more accessible to those on a small budget, and you could always wipe the disk.

Aug 1991 · Amiga · read review

Amiga Power (39 out of 100)

[Budget re-release] The main drawback is that it turns into something of a guessing game quite quickly, and hence little skill is involved. Still, reasonable mindless violence at the price.

Jul 1991 · Amiga · read review

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