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Seconds Out

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ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (582 out of 1000)

You've got five opponents to fight - each slightly tougher than the last, on the road to the championship title. Good fun but don't expect it to go the distance.

May 1988 · Atari ST · read review

ST Action (54 out of 100)

Blisters and perhaps a strained joystick are guaranteed in Seconds Out, enjoyment and long-term interest are not! This is not a game of strategy, technique or tactics; it is a long and drawn-out slugging match. The controls are more distinct than in other boxing games I have played, but with only two types of punches and defensive moves, there is little variety. Additionally, the wire-frame boxer is a pointless exercise, as the side view, which is adopted in the majority of unarmed combat games, is far more effective. The game's strength is its so-called "amusing", cartoon-like opponents which, in my opinion, fail to enhance the appeal of the game. It would appear that while martial arts is an excellent subject for computer simulation, boxing appears to be a hopeless case.

May 1988 · Atari ST · read review

Raze (52 out of 100)

[Budget re-release] Seconds Out, for example, is a boxing game. You view from behind your player, as popularised by Frank Bruno's Boxing. Which is okay till you discover how easy the game is to play, and why the five opponents aren't even worth £2.99. Visually, it's a disgrace, with appalling boxers' pictures, and aurally the game fails to reach any higher standard. But this price does make games more accessible to those on a small budget, and you could always wipe the disk.

Aug 1991 · Atari ST · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (6 out of 12)

Das ewige Feuerdrücken bei gleichzeitiger Bewegung nach links oder rechts erwies sich als zu anstrengend! Es wird wohl einige unter Euch geben, die schnell das Handtuch werfen, da bin ich mir sicher. Ebenso wird es User geben, die das Spiel schon nach kurzer Zeit „lösen“, sprich: durchgespielt haben. Für alle Könner sei zum Abschluß gesagt; daß TYNESOFT eine Zusatz-Disk anbietet (etwa 20 Mark), auf der andere, weitere Boxer auf den Marco warten. SECONDS OUT ist ein ordentliches produziertes Gamelein, das aber keine Hit-Qualität erreicht!

Apr 1988 · Atari ST · read review

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