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Star Wars: Episode I - Racer

aka: Pod Racer, SW E 1 Racer

[ Dreamcast ] [ Macintosh ] [ Nintendo 64 ] [ Nintendo Switch ] [ PlayStation 4 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox One ]

Macintosh credits (2000)

112 People (104 developers, 8 thanks)

Project Leaders
Lead Macintosh Programmer
Additional PC Programming
Course Designers
Tools Programming
Real-Time 3D Artists/Animators
Rendered 3D Artists/Animators
Additional Art
Texture Artists
Storyboard Artist
Conceptual Artist
Macintosh Production Manager
PC Production Managers
Production Coordinator
Development Coordinator
Lead PC Tester
Lead Macintosh Tester
Macintosh Tester
PC Testers
International Lead Tester
Compatibility Supervisor
Compatibility Technicians
Technical Writers
Network Compatibility
Burning Goddesses
Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Voice Department Manager
Voice Producer/Director
Voice Editors
Assistant Voice Editor
Voice Production Coordinator
Anakin Skywalker
Green Announcer
Red Announcer
Ben Quadinaros/Clegg Holdfast
Gasgano/Ody Mandrell
Cy Yunga/Wan Sandage/Jinn Reeso
Toy Dampner
Ark 'Bumpy' Roose/Ebe Endocott
Aldar Beedo
"Bullseye" Navior/Dud Bolt
Elan Mak/Slide Paramita
Boles Roor/Neva Kee
Bozzie Baranta/Ratts Tyerell
Mawhonic/Teemto Pagalies
Fud Sang/Mars Guo
Voices Recorded At
  • ScreenMusic Studios
  • LucasArts Entertainment
  • The Sound Company
Star Wars Music Composed By
Additional Music Composed by
Lead Sound Designer
Additional Sound Design
Sound Assitants
Sound Department Manager
Sound Department Coordinator
Product Marketing Manager
Manual Writers
Manual Designer
Package Design
Box Art
International Development Specialist
International Production Assistant
International Marketing Coordinator
Hint Line Supervisor
Thanks to
Very Special Thanks

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