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Rogue Clone

aka: LinuxRogue, Rogue, Rogue 5.3 Clone, bsdgames-nonfree
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Rogue Clone is an early variant of Rogue, the grandfather of all roguelikes, specifically of the UNIX version 5.3. The first version of Rogue Clone was first released in 1986 for UNIX.

At first glance, Rogue Clone is quite indistinguishable from the original: Enter some randomly generated dungeon, bash monsters, grab treasures, evade traps, and find the stairs to the next level, all this to recover that fabled Amulet of Yendor and make it back to the light of day -- alive, preferably... everything in glorious ASCII graphics.

On a second glance, one realizes that Rogue Clone features some additions and modifications to game play. For example, there are no dark rooms, and the difficulty level is slightly easier -- monsters spawn quicker, but there is much more items to be found. Another very helpful feature is that unknown items are automatically identified after use, so that next time you find them, you'll know what awaits you. The first version of Rogue Clone also omitted traps and secret doors, later versions have both, but traps may not go off if an inadvertent adventurer steps onto them. Mazes are also drawn differently, and there are other changes in the items and their characteristics.

Otherwise, this version plays pretty much like the original and earns its name.

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Rogue Clone is based on the original UNIX version of Rogue and was originally created by Timothy Stoehr for UNIX. He released the first version (then called i_rogue Version 1.0) on the usenet newsgroup net.sources.games on Feb 26th, 1986. As Stoehr says: "I wrote this code out of disgust for the inexcusable number of bugs that rogue 5.3 is famous for. I wrote this to eliminate the bugs as well as to get rid of some other things I didn't care for." When releasing the second version, he wrote: "I personally hate groping around in dark rooms."

Rogue Clone II was released on newsgroup net.sources.games on November 25, 1986, and on comp.sources.games on May 11, 1987. Shortly after, Stoehr posted two patches to fix bugs and portability issues. The source of this version was often used for ports.

Stoehr donated the last version of the original Rogue Clone to Berkeley University around October 1987. Berkeley first released Rogue Clone III in Juni 1988 with the official distribution of 4.3BSD Tahoe UNIX. (The release 4.2 of BSD UNIX had been distributed with Rogue 5.3 earlier.).

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