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Pokémon Pearl Version

aka: Pocket Monsters DP Peolgia, Pocket Monsters Pearl, Pokémon Edición Perla, Pokémon Perl-Edition, Pokémon Version Perle, Pokémon Versione Perla

Nintendo DS credits (2006)

146 People (111 developers, 35 thanks)

Pokémon Pearl Credits

Art Director
Battle Director
Program Leader
Battle System Programmer
Field System Programmer
Communication System Programmer
Graphic Leader
Pokémon Designers
Graphic Designers
Music Leader
Music Composition
Sound Effects
Pokémon Voices
Game Design Leader
Game Designers
Plot Scenario
Game Scenario
Map Designers
Pokédex Text
Parametric Designers
Battle Tower Data
Script Designers
Environment & Tool Programmers

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Server System Director
Server System Programmers
Program Support
NCL Product Testing
Special Thanks
Information Supervisors
English Version Coordinators
English Version Assistant Coordinator
Text Editors
NOA Product Testing
NOA Special Thanks
Executive Producers

European Localisation - Product Localisation Team

Localisation Producers
Translators (Spanish)
Translators (French)
Testing Coordinators
Lead Testers (Spanish)
Lead Testers (French)
Special Thanks

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