Les Fourmis

aka: El Imperio de las Hormigas, Imperium Der Ameisen, Imp├ęrio das Formigas, L'Impero delle Formiche

Intriguing, disturbing. A parallel civilisation that mirrors our own.

Empire of the Ants is a stunning real-time PC simulation from Microids France, over three years in the making. Based on the book by Michael Werber - which itself has sold over 3 million copies to date - Empire of the Ants contains some of the most realistic Artificial Intelligence yet seen in any simulation. All of the ants are capable of learning in battle and whilst foraging, and will learn what to attack and what it's best not to attack. Groups of ants/singles will have a visible stress indicator to show how happy or unhappy they might be doing tasks you ask of them, thus affecting their effectiveness.

The player controls 13 different types of ants, each one capable of using their experiences to develop realistic responses to in-game stimuli, such as attacking insects, weather, day and night, and seasonal changes.

The title offers both a rich simulation of life in a real life ant hill, but also the option of fighting in an all out head to head battle with up to eight other players.

The control system for the game is simple and instinctive and allows players to control every element of day to day life for these endearing creatures, whether breeding, foraging or the expansion of your own colony into a true Empire of the Ants. The excellent in-game 'help' mode will guide you painlessly through the learning process as you battle your way over 11 complex missions, each with various levels of difficulty.

Empire of the Ants has a wealth of options and effects:

  • Real time effects - seasons, night and day, rain, wind, etc.
  • Single player sim'/head to head and up to 8 players in multi-player head to head over internet network.
  • Full, easy to follow in-game tutorials.
  • Instinctive control system.
  • Various level of difficulty options.
  • 11 standard missions lasting up to 3 hours each.
  • Three areas of play: inside the anthill, outside the anthill (foraging, etc.), and head to head battles with other ants.
  • 13 different kinds of ants to control.
  • The option of using other insects for transport, etc.
  • Exceptional in game graphics and introduction animations.
  • An in-game encyclopaedia will help players recognise which insects can be tamed and employed and which to fear.
  • A highly realistic and educational rendition of ant behaviour that will constantly surprise and charm players with its depth of detail.


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Schl├╝pfen Sie in den Chitinpanzer einer Ameise und tragen Sie die Verantwortung f├╝r die Entwicklung einer Ameisenstadt. Ihr Leben ist hart und beschwerlich - zahlreiche Feinde sorgen daf├╝r, dass Sie und Ihre Artgenossen immer weiter zur├╝ckgedr├Ąngt werden.

Erschaffen Sie einen riesigen Staat, sichern Sie ihn gegen unbarmherzige Natureinfl├╝sse, sorgen Sie f├╝r optimale Nahrungsreserven und verteidigen Sie sich gegen gnadenlose Feinde. Ihre Strategie entscheidet ├╝ber das Schicksal einer ganzen Nation...

Imperium der Ameisen GOLD enth├Ąlt ausgew├Ąhlte Missionen des Originalspiels sowie s├Ąmtliche neuen Features des Zusatzpakets "Die Schlachten im Westen". Damit erwarten Sie 15 zus├Ątzliche Missionen auf neuartigen Terrains, neue Feinde und Einheiten sowie weitere Charaktereigenschaften f├╝r Ihre Ameisen.

  • Komplett in 3D-Echtzeit
  • ├ťber 60 verschiedene Spezies und Insektenarten
  • Hochentwickelte "K├╝nstliche Intelligen"
  • Multiplayer f├╝r bis zu 8 Spieler ├╝ber LAN oder Internet


Gr├╝nden Sie Ihre eigene Dynastie.

Kontrollieren Sie die Zucht Ihrer Kampf- und Arbeitereinheiten.

Verteidigen Sie Ihr Reich gegen unbarmherzige Feinde.


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