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Les Fourmis

aka: El Imperio de las Hormigas, Imperium Der Ameisen, Império das Formigas, L'Impero delle Formiche

Windows credits (2000)

70 People (68 developers, 2 thanks)

Adapted from the novel by
Development Director
Project Leader
Lead Programmer
Principle Programmers
Additional Programmers
Installation Programmers
3D Motor
  • 4X Technologies
Video Compression
  • Rad Game Tools Inc.
Compression library (z.lib)
Level Design
Sound Effects, Atmospherics
Audio production, original music and sound design
Lead Graphists
Graphic Designers
Exterior Graphics
  • Etranges Libellules
Kinematics by Microids Canada
Production Management Microids Canada
Marketing Director
Marketing Manager (UK)
Product Manager
Manual Editor
Acknowledgements to
Packaging & Manual Design
  • A Creative Experience London

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